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This Is What A Facial With Chanel Feels Like

We know what we said about facials, but hear us out for a second! And yes, you can get yourself a Chanel facial without flying to Paris.

Wait, hold up – Chanel does actual spa facials? Why yes, yes they do, my friends. While the house does have a full-fledged spa at the Ritz in Paris – and trust us, it is as glorious as it sounds – you don’t have to fly to the City of Lights to get pampered by Chanel: there’s a miniature Chanel spa right here in Singapore at Seviin at Tangs. Bam. Called the Chanel Espace Beaute, the space is dedicated to taking all who enter on a sensorial journey that will see you coming out relaxed and soothed with skin looking much more alive.

Because we’re busybodies, we recently popped by the mini spa to see what it was all about. Granted that we’re a little late to the party – it opened officially in 2015 – but better late than never is what I always say. And yes, we know what we said about professional facials. We like doing things ourselves here at Team KULALA, but we also like the massages that come with spa treatments. Plus, who in the right mind says no to a Chanel facial? It just doesn’t happen.

Espace Beaute offers four treatments that target one of the following: hydration, whitening, lifting or regeneration. As my biggest problem is dry skin, my specialist Pam recommended the Moisturising Cocoon Face Treatment. You’ll see why it is named as such in a bit.



When you’re stripped down to essentially nothing in an air-conditioned room, it can get quite chilly. To avoid this, Pam slides heating pads under my shoulder blades and the small of my back. (This hot and cold thing is something that repeats itself throughout the treatment.) She then proceeds to cleanse my skin with the Demaquillant Yeux Intense and Lait Douceur, making it a point to massage my face while at it. My lips aren’t having the best of days, so Pam slathers on a thick layer of Le Lift Lip Cream.

Exfoliation is next. I love the exfoliating step. It just so satisfying. For this, Pam uses the Precision Gommage Microperle Eclat scrub that feels extremely light on the skin. A cooling mask in the form of Hydration Protection Radiance Mask follows.



The core products of my treatment are from the Hydra Beauty collection, specifically the Lotion MoistMicro Serum and Gel Cream, plus the brand new Blue Serum. I’m dozing off already at this point – I blame all the face and head massages – so the exact sequence of products and methods drift past my brain. When Pam applies on Micro Eye Gel and covers my eyes with cotton pads, it is basically lights out for me.

However, there are a few things that stand out. Pam’s massages alternated between cold blocks on my face and heat pads on my décolletage and shoulders, for starters. Every movement is done by hand. There are no tools involved here. To make sure my skin is imbued with the good stuff, she wraps my face with a mildly warm towel at several points (hence the “cocoon” in the name of the treatment). Because my lips dry up so fast under air-conditioning – which is ridiculous considering how oily my skin gets – Pam also makes it a point to regularly slather Nutrition Lip Care on them and hydrate the air with Essence Mist.



All the face work is done but that’s not all folks. Pam gives my hands and arms a good and proper massage, slathering the surface with body oil scented with N°5 before doing the same with my back. She pats on some Le Blanc SPF 50 Fluid Emulsion on my face and we’re done. I mentally slap myself awake before getting dressed and stepping out of the little slice of tranquility.

Outside, Pam hands me an information card complete with every product used in my customised treatment and tips on how to best apply them should I wish to recreate the experience at home. Immensely helpful considering the fact that I dozed off.

As this is Chanel, facials come with an extra bonus: you get a quick makeover on-the-spot as a parting gift. I skipped this one against my better judgement because I honestly thought I looked halfway presentable. Should have asked for some eyebrows now that I think about it. If you need a bit of concealer here or some blush there, your specialist can absolutely do it for you as part of the Espace Beaute experience.



My skin felt plumped, hydrated and brightened all through the day and into the following morning. I deliberately skipped all of my usual nighttime skincare routine and slept in air-conditioning just to see how far the treatment’s influence would go. Ah, the stuff I do for you guys.

I am also giving a special shout-out to the face and head massages which were soothing yet impactful. I was having one of those bad face migraine days – that’s a thing, right? – and Pam’s technique hit all the knots and tension spots just right. If you’re looking to pamper yourself outside the usual run-of-the-mill spas that everybody goes to, this is your gig. If you’re already a fan of Chanel’s skincare, then there’s no question that you will enjoy this.

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