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The Chanel No. 5 Gets an Everyday Update and We’re Here for It

Shower gel, bath tablets, body oil...there’s something in the collection to douse every inch of your body in the scent of Chanel No.5.

When you’re celebrating a monumental point in history of a house icon as important as the Chanel No.5, its only fitting that its a year long affair. To mark the fragrance’s hundredth year milestone, the house of Chanel earlier this year debuted a line of fine jewellery on the heels of exquisite high jewellery pieces.

And no, the celebrations are not nearly done yet. The latest toast to the fragrance comes by way of a limited edition beauty collection coined the Chanel Factory 5. Is that resounding cheer we hear from fellow beauty fiends?

The beauty collection sees the extension of Chanel No.5 into an entire bath and body range. From shower gel to bath tablets and body oils, there’s something to douse every inch of your being in the Chanel No.5 scent. And you bet, every product is impeccably packaged within an understated monochrome exterior. The Factory 5 collection just might single-handedly bring back the #shelfie in 2021.

While you might be saving spritz of Chanel No.5 for extra special days, the Factory 5 collection is made especially for the day to day. And even when the scent fades, you’d still have the emblazoned tin cans and bottles to remember the collection by.

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