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The Gel Eye Patches That Made Me Ditch Eye Creams For Good

It combines my obsession with serums and masks, it feels so good on the skin and it actually works on those darned fine lines. So, honestly – need I go on?

My relationship with eye creams is lukewarm at best. As someone plagued with oily skin, I’m naturally wary about creams and putting more than the bare minimum when it comes to them. Serums, I love. Face oils in moderate amounts – more in cold and dry weather – that I also surprisingly love. But dense creams? Not my first choice. If there’s a water-based or gel-based alternative to a cream one, I go for the former.

But, I’m not getting any younger. Late nights and long flights are not as kind to my under-eye region as they used to be. Dark circles, bags and lines are setting to set in. Eye creams are now a must. Still, I find myself skipping the step particularly when I’m going through my skincare routine before makeup. I do a lot to make sure makeup stays on my face, I’m not going to run the risk of smudged anything with eye cream.

Look, there are great eye creams. Go for gel-based ones, you say. My love for serums is legit and as there seems to be a serum for everything these days, there must be one for my eyes, I thought. Sure enough, those exist – and the one I came across is Chanel Beauty’s Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer.

The Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer is unlike any eye treatment I’ve ever used. The serum itself is extremely light and soaks into the skin almost immediately, which means they fair damn well under makeup. It comes out of a roll-on tube, so you get the massages in as well, extremely necessary for weary eyes.

After you’ve rolled it five times around each eye, you slap on gel patches – they’re each stamped with “CHANEL” all over, making for good selfie moments, if that’s your thing – to lock all the good stuff in while cooling down the eye bag region. Mind you, these gel patches are thick. They feel so comfortable that I would sleep with them on if I could. But no, the instructions recommend 10 minutes.

For someone who likes quick, fuss-free skincare, this alternative to the conventional eye cream makes so much sense. It’s light, you get to control how much product goes around your eye and you get to seal it in – and destress! – with the cooling mask patches. Not having the patches soaked in product prior also means you don’t get serum dripping down to your cheeks. It makes sense! Why aren’t there more of its kind around?

Enough of the technical bits! What of the aftermath? After using it for the recommended 10 days – once in the morning, once at night with the patches – my under-eye region actually looked smoother. In fact, I’m staring at my eyes right this second – my desk at home is a vanity table, don’t judge – and realising that the fine lines I noticed and subsequently felt like crap about just over a week ago seem to have faded. I also use this in the morning when I need de-puffing tout de suite. So, a note to the rest of the beauty industry – get on with it, already! A girl needs her options!

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