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The Best Cushion Foundation Out There Isn’t Even A Cushion

Chanel calls it their "gel touch foundation", but I call it "magic". To the cushion foundations of my past, it's not you, it's me.

I’m at that phase of my life where I’m realising that I do spend too damn much time putting on my face. Don’t get me wrong – it is a process I thoroughly enjoy. But on days where I’m running so ridiculously late that even an Uber can’t save my sorry, tardy derrière – and I still have to two-thirds of my face to put on – I turn to cushions. Cushion foundations. Cushion blushers. Hell, if I could cushion on my brows, I would.

With such a dependence on cushions, it goes without saying that I’ve tried a bunch. The last time I did, Hera’s stupendously popular UV Mist Cushion Long Stay Matte and Lancome’s Blanc Expert Cushion Light Coverage had to share the winning crown. Now, I do apologise for flipping the table on you, but I recently met another cushion foundation and this one really changes everything – because it isn’t even technically a cushion.

Enter Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation.

Instead of the usual spongey cushion, the core of the Les Beiges is a finely ribbed fabric screen that seals the foundation underneath. To dispense, you just have to tap gently on the screen with the application sponge. The screen works in a way where you get just enough each time, so there’s no waste and you don’t overload your face with foundation.

But what of the foundation itself? Les Beiges feels incredibly light and even cooling on the skin. It is also possibly the best smelling and most soothing foundation I’ve ever tried. Not kidding. I can’t get enough of the floral scent. Personally, three light taps is enough to cover the obvious veins on my cheeks and redness at the sides of my nose. For a light coverage foundation, that is impressive.

And yes, it holds. Twelve hours is the longest I’ve gone with this. I do have to blot from time to time, but that’s just me and my freak oily skin. Again, for a light coverage foundation, impressive. Perhaps, what I like best about the Les Beiges is that covetable, dewy glow it gives that has nothing to do with stickiness or moisture. As though it is in-built. (Chanel describes it as “Healthy Glow Booster mineral pigments”.)

The final push goes to the application sponge. Oh my god, what wizardry is this. Not only is it so soft and velvety, which helps if you want a seamless, even and natural finish, you can wash the foundation right off it with just water. No need for cleansing solutions.

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