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Your Perfect Lipstick Shade Awaits You on the Other Side of Chanel’s Lipscanner

Enter the future of makeup.

The search for the quintessential red lip. The perfect nude. It’s a seemingly never-ending pursuit. Every girl knows the struggle. If only…we could try on every shade in the room to find the right one. Now, hold that thought!

Enter Chanel’s new Lipscanner app. Makeup “try-on” applications aren’t entirely a new concept but Chanel’s is unlike any we’ve seen before. You could think of the mobile app as the equivalent of an assistant at the makeup aisle. But better. Way better. All you have to do is upload or scan a photo of your desired hue to find the closest match from Chanel’s vast range of more than 400 lippies. Not only does it take into account the colour, the AI technology also takes into account the lipstick finish. Matte, shine, glossy, satin or metallic – it’ll point you the right way.

It gets better. It could be an image of anything really. Be it a Kylie Jenner selfie, a stunning flower, person, or object. You can then try it on instantly, snap a selfie, and contemplate how you really feel about it before adding it to cart. And all without swiping on layers of lipstick, wiping it down, and then going over again. The sheer convenience of it!

You might never catch us at the store trying on lippies ever again. It’s 2021 – there’s no need for that anymore.

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