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What Happened When We Visited The Chanel Spa In Paris

We tried the Grand Soin Treatment and it is *exactly* as luxurious as it sounds. Can we stay here forever?

Remember a couple of months back when we said that you can get a Chanel facial without flying all the way to Paris? Well, it so happened that we were in Paris just recently for Couture Week – and we actually got a chance to visit Chanel au Ritz Paris, Chanel’s ultra luxurious spa and the only one of its kind in the world.

Our beauty adventure began at Hotel Ritz Paris, the place Gabrielle Chanel called home for over three decades. (Once an appointment is booked, a white and gold invite is signed, sealed and delivered to you. Fancy, eh?) While most spa treatments begin with a generic questionnaire, Chanel goes a step further with in-depth consultations. Here, you get to list all your skin grievances to your specialist whilst sipping on a delicious beauty mocktail in one of the five treatment rooms. For us, it was all about tackling dry, stressed and tired skin from travel.

First, a note on the ambience. The Chanel references are immediate: black, white and gold interiors, Chinese coromandel screens, a bouquet of faux camellias resting on the bed. Robes, towels and even the vanity table are marked with “Chanel”.

Like the Chanel facial at Singapore’s Seviin at Tangs, every Chanel Grand Soin Treatment is customised to the guest’s skin type and concerns. The specialist starts with a very gentle and delicate cleansing of the face with Mousse Douceur and purifying with Lotion Douceur. The treatment doesn’t being officially at this point, but we won’t blame you if you doze off right there and then. It it just so soothing.

Now, the main event. Micro Gel Yeux from Chanel’s Hydra Beauty series is applied around the eyes, reinforced by Micro Serum that delivers intense, lasting hydration into the skin. Gentle face massaging techniques are employed to make sure all the good stuff seeps in and all the not-so-good stuff, like tension and water retention, goes out.

Blue Serum, the crowning glory of Chanel’s beauty-verse, comes next. Made with nourishing lentisk, green coffee from Costa Rica and Sardinian olives, the serum is Chanel’s ultimate secret to rejuvenating tired skin, returning firmness and youth. Finally, Hydra Beauty Creme, infused with extract from Chanel’s signature camellia, and Micro Creme, filled with antioxidants to fortify the skin against environmental stress, are roped in for a powerful, ultra-hydrating finish. The specialist places a sheet mask to lock in the moisture and leaves the skin to take it all in as she massages the arms, neck, shoulders and décolletage. Again, if you’re still awake at this point, hats off to you.

The Chanel Grand Soin Treatment is an all-rounded experience, so it doesn’t just end after you half-dreamingly get up from the bed. If you need to have those brows filled or a couple of spots concealed, each treatment room has a whole chest of makeup ready for you. The specialist then leads us to the resting lounge, where we’re treated to yet another beauty mocktail, this time chosen according to individual skin needs. She leaves us to relax and bask in the memory of the glorious two hours of the treatment, but not before inviting us to take a dip in the Ritz’s beautiful pool. (Due to time constraints, we very unfortunately had to give that a miss.)

But wait! It’s not over! Not yet! Because Chanel au Ritz Paris takes the whole pampering business very seriously, we each leave with a bag comprising mini-sized bottles of the key products used in our bespoke treatments, topped with a ceramic camellia that has been scented with the newly-released Gabrielle. We basically had to be dragged out of the spa. The ultimate Chanel beauty experience? Check.

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