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Conversations: KNC Beauty’s Kristen Noel Crawley on the Skincare Products She Can’t Live Without

The beauty mogul also gets personal about her skincare regime, the beauty hack she swears by and the process of building her brand.

Have a look through your arsenal of beauty products, you’d probably have something for every part of your face. A serum for your eyelashes, an overnight cream for your under eye area, pore strips for your nose amongst others on a countertop full of skincare remedies. But hold up – there might be one part of your face you might’ve overlooked. The lips! You might have a lip balm lying around somewhere but that’s far from enough to get them looking kissable, velvety smooth.

If you haven’t been treating those lips of yours with the TLC they deserve, now’s as good a time as any to start. But where do you begin? Kristen Noel Crawley, the founder of KNC Beauty, has it all mapped out for you. Even if you haven’t been acquainted with the brand, surely you would have seen the brand’s jelly lip masks and star-shapped under eye masks that have been all over Instagram.

It all started with Crawley’s pursuit to find a product to remedy the chapped lips growing up in the midwest had left her with. When nothing else in the market met her standards, she jumped onto the idea of solving her own problem. And wa-lah! KNC Beauty was born.  Since kick-starting her fast-growing beauty empire in 2016, Crawley has set up a one-stop-shop for all things lip-related. A scrub to exfoliate with, a moisturising mask, a balm to lock all the goodness in. There’s really no need to go looking elsewhere for lip-related anything.

Now into its fifth year, big plans lie ahead in the future as Crawley has her eyes set on expansion of KNC Beauty. Here, she dishes about everything under the sun from what lies in the horizon for her brand to the beauty hacks she swears by and the skincare products she can’t live without.

You have previously shared that the idea to create your line of lip masks during a trip to Japan. What about the lip masks, in particular, stood out to you?

Kristen Noel Crawley: Growing up in the midwest I always had chapped lips. It got to the point where my lips would crack and it was really painful. I tried every lip product under the sun and nothing seemed to work. When I discovered lip masks I really loved the idea but the formulations that were available really weren’t up to my standards so I decided to create my own.

When you retuned home, how then did the process of creating KNC Beauty pan out? What were the foundations that you were looking to build your brand around?

KNC is all about clean, easy and effective skincare. I looked for months to find a factory that was willing to let me customize the masks to a clean formula. After a while I found the perfect fit and started the formulation. We went thru many different formulas and I tested all of them on myself and my friends. Once we found one that we liked I had it dermatologically tested in the lab. Next came branding.. I knew I wanted something that was easily recognizable but also unique. I had a vision in my head – cute, simple and fun- and KNC was born!

Lips are often the part of the face that people overlook. Why do you think it is important for people to pay attention to the way that they care for their lips?

We just don’t think about it or aren’t educated enough about the subject. When I was doing my research I learned that the lips are actually not apart of the skin and they need external hydration and exfoliation to stay soft and supple. Now that I know I do try to educate consumers about lip care.

What is your lip routine?

It’s all KNC! I start with the Supa Scrub, the lip mask and the lip balm. I designed all three products to work together to give you the perfect pout.

What is your go-to lipstick at the moment?

I love using the Victoria Beckham beauty lip pencil in 03 to line and fill my lips and then I just dab a bit of Supa Balm over it.

Will you be expanding in the near future?

Actually yes! We’ll be launching 4 new products this year and one of them is geared towards the eye.

Being so involved in the world of fashion, the decision to delve into beauty seems rather surprising. What about the world of beauty were you drawn to?

I actually see them as a parallel. Beauty is fashion and fashion is beauty. I am always coordinating my makeup looks to my outfits so naturally it wasn’t a big step for me. I will always love fashion but the schedules and time commitments are so overwhelming for me. Beauty is a bit slower, I can release products when I want to rather than follow a schedule or season. It allows me to still do what I love but also make time for the things that are important like my family!

You’re a woman who wears many hats – mom, entrepreneur, social media personality. For someone to gives so much to others, what does your self care routine look like?

Oh its a looooong list but I wouldn’t change a thing! I love to treat myself to professional facials and body scrubs and massages. At home I usually do a full “facial” once a week. That’s where I do my cleansing, masking and exfoliating all in one sitting – it can take up to 2 hours head to toe!

What are 5 beauty items you cannot live without?

My KNC Supa Balm in Rose. Cle De Peau foaming cleanser, KNC retinol eye patches, Officine Buly body oil in mexican tuberose and U beauty concentrate

Do you have a beauty hack you think everyone needs to know about?

Yes of course! My favorite beauty tip is to run your eye lash curler under hot water for a few seconds – it basically will make your lashes curl like nothing else. It also keeps your curler clean!

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