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The Great Deodorant Debate: Here’s What You Need To Know

You've heard the myths and rumours, but just how bad is it? We did a little digging, then dug a little bit more for au naturale ones, just in case.

Putting on deodorant everyday before we step out of the door is a habit that has been ingrained into our brains, mostly because we’re not about to step out with sweaty pits and a lingering smell that isn’t perfume.

Considering how terribly hot it is right now, deodorants are the one thing that stops us from feeling like we should fold our arms, avoid the wind and stand in a corner that’s five miles from any human contact. Yet, we have been lead to believe that these stuff would clog our pores and potentially give us breast cancer. But does it really, and how can you tell which ones are safe?

There are two different types of deodorants in the market – antiperspirants and deodorants. The regular kind usually rids your pits of the odour by killing bacteria, while antiperspirants do that PLUS minimise sweat. The big concern here lies with the fact that the constant exposure to chemicals present like parabens or aluminium salts can lead to an increased cancer risk. In reality, however, your skin acts as a barrier and keeps any chemicals from entering the blood stream. Mic drop.

If the idea of using aluminium salts to cover sweat glands still makes you feel icky and uncomfortable, a lot of these chemicals in deodorants come in minute amounts that wouldn’t pose as a threat, even in the long run. An easy precaution against it is to exfoliate the skin around the area. By cleaning the area, bacteria is also removed and can help to combat the odour.

Long story short, it’s perfectly safe to use antiperspirant deodorants with chemicals in them. But, if you want to be on the safer side – because you can never be too sure – there’s always the natural kind that can be store bought or DIY-ed. (Although, we’re really lazy to DIY it, plus the store-bought ones aren’t expensive anyway.)

Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-perspirant and Deodorant Cream

Kiehl’s Cross-terrain 24 Hour Strong Dry Stick

Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant

Crystal Body Deodorant Travel Stick

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Cedarwood + Juniper

Lush Aromaco Solid Deodorant

Lush The Greeench Deodorant Powder

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