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The Cult-Favourite Dior Lip Glow Just Got Even Better

Round the clock moisture, long-lasting shine, an almost all-natural formula...pucker up ladies!

Whether you’re a proponent of the no-makeup-makeup look or have thrown your hands up in defeat to Miss Rona and gone makeup-free underneath your face mask, tinted lip balms have rose in status as the unsung heroes of any beauty routine. They’ve always been a part of any lipcare routine but these days, they are the absolute must-haves we never leave the house without.

Tinted lip balms are the safest option for wear underneath a face mask. They instantaneously bring your complexion to life and more importantly, without leaving you with a smudged Joker-esque mess to clean up. Plus, many of them deliver a host of added benefits that keep your lips pillowy soft. We’re self-professed connoisseurs of tinted lip balms and we have the many lists we’ve put together throughtout the course of the years to speak for it.

If you’ve been paying attention, you might’ve noticed a favourite few that have been mentioned repeatedly. Amongst them, is the Dior Lip Glow. For those that share the same love and unrelenting loyalty, the Dior Lip Glow just got even better. How, you ask?

Reinvented with a new formula, the lip balm is now concocted from 97 percent natural ingredients that deliver round the clock moisture and long-lasting shine. There are also three new shades to pick from that join the existing lineup of nine. Now, how do we even begin to pick a favourite?

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