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We Found the Crème de la Crème of Micellar Waters

It's a bold claim to make but we're standing by it. Drunk Elephant's new E-rase Milki Micellar Water is hands down the best of the lot.

Without getting into the science of it, in the makeup realm, micellar water is the equivalent of miracle water. It looks and feels just like water but its capabilities far supersede its inconspicuous appearance. To the unacquainted, micellar water is a multi-tasker acclaimed for its ability to remove makeup gently, tone and hydrate the skin all at once with a few swipes of the cotton pad. The best ones melt away even the most long-lasting, waterproof makeup leaving behind smooth, supple skin. It’s also meant to do such a thorough job that rinsing after is completely optional for most micellar water.

The discerning quality of a micellar water typically comes down to two things: how well it removes your makeup and the after feeling on the skin. From a micellar water user to makeup remover wipes convert, I never quite got around to finding one that did a stellar job at both. When Drunk Elephant announced its E-rase Milki Micellar Water, I saw a beacon of hope in rekindling my fizzled out relationship with micellar waters.

Right off the bottle, Drunk Elephant’s rendition of micellar water is none like the others on the shelves. As its name suggests, the formula is milky, rather than the typically clear, water-like solution. A dive into the ingredients list will also have you know that the E-rase Milki Micellar Water is a nurishing concoction of non-fragrant plant oils (marula, baobab, mongongo, wild melon seed, ximenia seed, passionfruit, and sweet almond), vitamin E and ultra-mild micelles. When applied onto the skin in gentle strokes of a cotton pad, the formula glided onto the skin smoothly and effectively removing the layer of sunscreen and makeup I had piled onto my face prior. I say pile only because I had gone to town with my concealer earlier in the day.

By the third cotton pad, I had gotten all of my makeup off – including the stubborn waterproof mascara that typically wouldn’t budge. As the instructions on the bottle had suggested, I left the soaked cotton pad down on my eyelid for a moment before wiping it off. The formula worked like a charm. Then came the dry-off test. I was half expecting to be left with sticky skin – a deal-breaker – I absolutely couldn’t go without washing. But as with most, if not all, of Drunk Elephant’s skincare goodies, their micellar water did not disappoint. Soft and supple to the touch, my skin almost felt like it had soaked in a luxurious skincare treatment.

By habit, I would have assumed an inclination to double cleanse but I felt myself deviate. I wanted my skin to reap the full benefits of the micellar water. Fun fact: it is formulated at a pH of 5.0 which does not interfere with the skin’s ideal pH level of 5.5. Hence, preventing pimple outbreaks or inflammation of the skin. I have never felt safer going to bed without double-cleansing than I have with Drunk Elephant’s new E-rase Milki Micellar Water.

Whether you’re a lazy girl, a fitspo, or a creature of the outdoors, this micellar water will be your saving grace in keeping your skin clean, balanced, and moisturised.

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