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Back To Basics: 5 Ingredients To Start Focusing On For Good Skin

The glow can only come from within when you've checked off these ingredients off your skincare list. From acids to vitamins, these are the ones to look out for first.

Just last week, we experimented on something called the “Caveman Routine“, putting a halt to everything – skincare, makeup, cleansers – and surprisingly, it ended in positive results. From that lesson – and a little lesson we learned from the mastermind behind rising cult beauty label Allies of Skin – we learnt that less is more, inspiring us to dig deeper into essential ingredients that we should be looking out for and cutting out the not-so-powerful, all-talk-no-action ones.

You see, when it comes to skincare, turning the bottle around and looking at the fine print for harmful ingredients is something that’s more straightforward than the thousands of other names that promise skincare miracles. If acne is still a problem in your life, perhaps starting afresh would help. Build a new skincare routine from scratch that includes the most potent antioxidants, botanical extracts and beneficial acids. We narrow it down to five of the most popular ones, with good reason, no less. Start with these, and if you want to move on beyond, say, with facial oils, why – we’ve got a whole section for you to peruse.

CoEnzyme Q10

We’re all familiar with the first few alphabets of vitamins, but did you know that there was something called Vitamin Q? It’s a potent antioxidant that repairs the skin from within, protects against photo-aging and stimulates collagen production. Unfortunately, our body produces less CoQ10 with age, so that’s why supplementing it in the form of skincare is important to keep youthfulness in the skin. This anti-pollution one from Oskia also has niacinamide and vitamin c on the list, good stuff that we’re going to talk about further down the post.

Vitamin B3 / Niacinamide

Niacinamide is a powerful ingredient that helps to protect the skin from UV damage, retain moisture, boost immunity of the skin, reduce redness and sensitivity, as well as brighten and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. The most potent one we could find comes in a little glass tube from Natura Bissé, although something like this serum from 111Skin would be better for sensitve skin users. (We talked more about it here, where we also addressed some concerns regarding the mixing of niacinamide with Vitamin c.

French Pine Bark

This tree bark extract comes from the French maritime pine tree, an ingredient that has been put to experiments to see if it can improve skin elasticity. The extract was found to reduce hyperpigmentation, stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid as well as collagen in the skin. The bonus here is that hyaluronic acid is a powerful and essential ingredient for attracting moisture, and is also present on our list. This particular extract is not common in skincare, but luckily for us, Skin Inc has one to put our skin into repair mode.

Vitamin C / L-ascorbic acid

Vitamin C is another MVP that has been present throughout our lives. Whether in a tablet as a drink or in a serum, this antioxidant has so much more than just one purpose. Not only does it protect the skin from free radicals, it boosts collagen production, brings moisture to the surface of the skin, is anti-inflammatory and reduces the amount of melanin production in the skin. In other words, a brighter, clearer and even skin tone. One thing to note, is that packaging is key when it comes to Vitamin C. (We talked more about it here.) This serum by Anne Semonin is kept in an air-tight and opaque bottle to dismiss all the worries and concerns about detoriation.

Hyaluronic Acid

Finally, the fifth one has been an ingredient that keeps popping up right here on YOYOKULALA.com. This one is constantly on our radar for its amazing hydrating properties. It attracts moisture like no other, resulting in the plumping up of skin and reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The word acid in the name may scare you, but acids can hydrate, brighten, exfoliate amongst a bunch of other things. (We went through a list of acids from A to Z to help you understand and choose them according to your skin type.) Although there are plenty of options to choose from, Le Boss Yoyo swears by this bottle of hyaluronic acid from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

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