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Everything We’re Doing To Keep Our Hair On Point For Fall

Farewell summer sun and your efforts to ruin our tresses. From scrubs, masks and oils to waking up with flawless hair, here's your fall hair survival guide in a nutshell.

There are so many reasons to – pardon the overused but highly fitting pun – fall in love with fall. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon abound, the sun takes a backseat and temperatures are at that sweet spot where you can bust out a sweater without worrying about sweating. Or pile on the makeup without worrying about it sliding off your face as you would in the summer. Or skip that morning shower in favour of dry shampoos or going au natural even, because the sun and humidity aren’t there to turn it into a frizzy, greasy mess.

Compared to the skin, hair care takes a bit of a backseat when the temperatures dip. Still, don’t reach for the dry shampoo on the daily just yet. It’s like we said – dry shampoos are okay, but they shouldn’t replace regular shampoos or a good old run-in with the shower. If you’d prefer to hit the snooze button and skip that morning hair wash, there’s still no reason for you not to have flawless morning hair. Just keep these in mind: the towel you use, the way you blow dry and comb your hair, your pillow and the oft forgotten hair masks. Thankfully, there’s plenty that you can add to cart without waiting for that year-end bonus.

The chilling of the summer sun also means more reason to start taking proper care of the tresses, right down to the roots, core and even your scalp. We tried a cult-favourite cleansing scrub and while it didn’t work too well in our ever-problematic tropical weather, it wasn’t entirely the case in temperate weather. If you’re skeptical about hair scrubs and masks, switch your focus to hair oils. They’ll benefit both dry and oilier scalps, and they’re good for your manes no matter the weather. (We tested a couple, so you can trust us on that at least.)

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