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How To Create These Party-Ready Gold Glitter Lips

Double the glitter, double the fun. Inspired by the glitter lips at Fendi's Fall/Winter 2016 show, we decided to give the season's hottest lip trend a go. Here's how we did it.

When Bella Hadid opened Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2016 with her lips drenched in pink glitter, you could literally hear the crowd gasp in glee. It was pretty, it was pink and it sparkled like crazy with every step. Sure, there were many stand-out runway beauty looks at Milan Fashion Week, but those glitter lips? Topped them all, hands down. With party season officially upon us, we think there’s no better time than the present to experiment with those glitter lips and to put them to the test. If you want a beauty look that’ll own every single party this season, hang tight and read on.

You want to begin with clean and smooth lips so that glitter doesn’t get stuck in those flaky crevices. Exfoliate them, mask them, slather balm on them. Get them super smooth and soft for maximal effect. To give more depth to your glitter lips – and to make sure that the natural pink doesn’t show through – apply on glitter-infused lipstick that matches your glitter of choice. For us, we used Burberry’s Festive Kisses Lipstick in Gold Shimmer. We then applied on a layer of Burberry’s Festive Kisses Lip Gloss, also in Gold Shimmer (shop similar here), so that the glitter has something to adhere to. A clear gloss, like the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in 001, works as well.


Burberry Festive Kisses Lipstick in Gold Shimmer

Now, the fun begins. First, grab a Q-tip and moisten it with the same lip gloss you used prior. Then, gently dip it into your pot of glitter – we used Burberry’s Shimmer Dust in Gold Glitter No. 01 (shop it here) – and start applying it to your lips, one small section at a time. Instead of just tapping the Q-tip on your lips, try moving it in a rolling motion. The glitter sticks on easier and better that way. You will need to top up more gloss from time to time. Finally, gently tap down any errant specks of glitter with your fingertip for a smooth finish. If you want something on the milder side, go for finer glitter. MAC, Make Up For Ever and Violet Voss all have great ones in a myriad of colours.


From left: Burberry Shimmer Dust, Make Up For Ever Glitter, Violet Voss Glitter

Are these lips practical, especially when there’s a lot of drinking and eating to be done? Well, no, not at all. They will get in the way of all the feasting. Removing the glitter is also quite the chore, even with a good oil-based makeup remover. (We still had to scrape the remaining bits off with our fingernails.) But just look at how pretty and bold they are! If you walk into a party with those lips on, we guarantee that people will be wowed. We swear it. So, here’s what we suggest – enter the party like you own the place, smile and receive all the compliments, take all the pictures you need, and then quietly retreat to the powder room. Swap the glitter with a good red lip, emerge anew and you’re ready to feast, my friend.

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Main Photo: YOYOKULALA.com

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