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Fenty’s Latest Lipsticks Are Making Me Rethink Unconventional Colours

Light blue, emerald green or lavender? You don't have to be Rihanna to be able to pull off these shades.

When Fenty Beauty launched last year, it was all hype and screams left and right about how good it was. Rihanna was behind it after all and what is Rihanna but perfection? We tried it out and sure enough, concluded that the hype was justified. Among the pile was the Gloss Bomb, and while truly the bomb, it was the only lip product that the collection had. It left the lip-obsessed everywhere wanting. It was only a matter of time before Fenty Beauty released their own range of lipsticks – and alas, they finally did with the very cleverly named Mattemoiselle Lipstick.

The first thing to notice right off the bat are the colours. The blues and greens stand out, especially amongst the reds and pinks. Heck, even their orange was not the typical kind you would find in other brands. I want to say Fanta, but still oddly wearable.

On the lips, Mademoiselle feels comfortable and doesn’t bleed like most cream formulas. The colour pay-off is inane and glides on just like butter. One swipe is all it takes. True to its words, the lipstick stays matte with no stickiness to the touch. Compared to the liquid mattes that seem to be all anyone talks about these days, this would win hands down, simply because it doesn’t sit into the cracks of your lips and subsequently dry it out.

Now, there’s always a downside. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. The round-tip, for instance, makes it harder to nail down the cupid’s bow area – you’ll need a deep breath and a steady hand. Also, while it isn’t dry, Mattemoiselle is not entirely transfer proof and will likely leave a bit of colour on your spoons and cups. Still, nothing a bit of touching-up can’t fix, since the colours hold up well and don’t cake when layered.

At the end of the day, this lipstick has earned a spot on the vanity for how comfortable the matte formula is. When it comes to matte lipsticks with strong colour pay-offs, caking is a huge issue and Mattemoiselle handles it like a pro. If blues, green or lavender are colours that are a bit too adventurous, perhaps a nude like Up To No Good would be a good choice.

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