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5 Anti-Blushes That’ll Help You Nail “Naturally” Rosy Cheeks For Good

Regular powder blushes, am I right? You need a brush, you need to blend and it still might turn to slick at the end of the day. These, these ones are a different story.

It is no secret that the no-makeup makeup look isn’t exactly a look that involves no makeup. It is more of makeup that looks like second skin – or rather, actual skin – and makes you look radiant and glowy, as though you had taken a stroll through the park on a sunny day. Well, at least that is what we aim for when we attempt a no-makeup makeup look.

Brows are essential, as is some light coverage and maybe a concealer to even out the skin tone. Definitely an exfoliant as well to slough away the dead skin so your own glow isn’t blocked and a moisturiser to dew things up. But, if you ask us, we think the pièce de résistance, the centrepiece of the puzzle, is a good, natural-looking blush. It just makes the face look more alive.

With a “natural” no-makeup makeup look, you also want something that well, looks natural. Powders are well and good, and while there are great powder blushes out there that melt into the skin, they’re kind of a hassle. You need a brush for starters, which means you need to blend, which means you need time. Compared liquid blushes, powders also don’t always adhere to the skin as well, and that isn’t the best of news for oily skin types after a long day. An alternative, non-powder blush just feels more…effortless. More “woke up like this”.

With the arrival of spring means plenty of days in the sun and plenty of chances to bust out that natural-looking, rosy glow. Below, we rounded up five of our favourite alternative blushes that give that in next to no time at all. Just a pat, pat here and a tap, tap there.

If you like dewy…

Try the 3CE Blush Cushion. Like your favourite foundation cushion, it just takes a few pats on the cheek for a seamless, even flush. The liquid blush melts into the skin but is moisturising as well, giving a dewy finish. For something more natural, we recommend the blush in either Peach or Coral. (You can get this from Stylenanda and most Sephora stores.)

If you like highlighters…

So, you like a megawatt glow. NARS Liquid Blush in their classic Orgasm is a very light liquid blush – hah, duh – that you can just tap onto your cheekbones for both a radiant, rosy glow and greater definition. It may look super pink in the bottle, but it evens out as you tap it into your skin. Read our review of it here.

If you like a subtle shimmer and a velvet finish…

And, perhaps something a little more luxe because look at that packaging. Created from cotton and rose extracts and beeswax, the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Stick glides on the cheeks easily, but doesn’t leave a colour that is too intense to handle. It isn’t drying either and unlike the 3CE Blush Cushion, this has a finish that is between matte and dewy. We like this in Nº25.


If you like a travel-ready multi-tasker…

Then go for the Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush. Lip products that double as cheek tints tend to feel sticky on the skin, but the Lip Blush isn’t like that. It blends easily and seamlessly onto the skin, leaving behind sheer colour and a smooth, silky finish. We guessed that there was jojoba in the mix and sure enough, we were right. On the lips, the Lip Blush feels super light and moisturising, perfect for a set of au naturale pink lips. We like Tender Rose, but if you want something more intense, try Burning Berry.

If you like a classic…

The OG. If all else fails, there’s Benetint. Maybe that should be its new slogan, eh? Contrary to how it looks, Benetint doesn’t give you a severely red cheek – it just takes some easy tapping. As Benetint is also a lip stain, this will also give you a rosy lip to match them cheeks. And you can bet that the flush on your lips and cheeks will stay put until the makeup remover comes on.

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