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3 Flash Beauty Treatments That Are Worth Your Quick Attention

We're talking changes in the matter of minutes. A triple duty balm, a one-minute mask and a facelift in a bottle, all within the comforts of your bedroom, sans spa.

Going through a skincare routine can be therapeutic. You have all these wonderful products on your table, some so unbelievably affordable, others you sacrifice that daily caramel frappe or green juice for. There are so many components involved and going through each of them takes time. But, therapeutic and enjoyable as it can be, skincare routines can take up a hella lot of time. I swear, I check the clock when I’m putting on some toner, and I look at it again when I’ve done my final spritz of face mist and 15 minutes have passed. If I have morning face or a not-so-good skin day, that’s another five to 10 minutes on the clock dealing with it.

This is when I admit to being extremely millennial. I like a good, long skincare routine – if I have the time. If alternatives exist for mornings where I have to eat and pat on foundation at the same time, I’ll take it. I’LL TAKE IT! Cue the flash treatments, all within the comfort of your own vanity table, no need for a spa. Typically multi-taskers, the flash treatments we’re seeing more and more of all have one thing in common: they streamline your skincare process and promise results in minutes, turning your skin day from “eh” to “okeerrrrr”, the latter said with a reasonable amount of sass. These are the three on our radar, tried and tested for your convenience.

Pixi Skintreats Rose Flash Balm

Formulated with rose water and rose and olive leaf extracts, the Rose Flash Balm is a three-in-one: moisturiser, primer and mask, targeted at fatigued skin. Look, I generally love anything Pixi – I currently use their Rose Oil Blend, Glow Tonic and Rose Caviar Essence – but even I was apprehensive about using this as a primer. The consistency was dense, almost like pudding. I used only a mist and a serum as my base, just to see how moisturising it was, and a thin layer of the Rose Flash Balm. To my surprise, it actually turned out quite well. My makeup stayed for the most part, and my skin didn’t start to itch, which happens when I don’t give it enough hydration during the day. As a mask – you have to go thick when you switch gears – the balm turns creamy and after five minutes, my tired skin looked brighter, clearer and more soothed. Not bad. Not bad at all. It was, however, a little hard to rinse off. Hydrating as it as a primer, the balm as a mask needs to be followed with a moisturiser as well.

Ren Clean Skincare Flash Rinse 1-Minute Facial

You know one of those days where you wake up and your skin looks grey? Not like Game of Thrones greyscale grey, but still pretty darn dull? Ren’s award-winning flash facial aims to fix that. Its first plus point is the short ingredient list comprised mostly of bio-extracts, which is perfect in our books. The key ingredient is water-activated Vitamin C, so unlike other masks, this one requires some work. I applied it over my skin, massaged it in with damp fingers, waited for a minute, rinsed and dang – my skin actually looked different. Like Pixi’s Rose Flash Balm – see above – this brightens, but it goes the extra mile with exfoliation that sloughs away all the dead skin blocking the glow. Plus, you get Vitamin C, which does wonders for tired, irritated skin. After a minute, my skin felt fresh and smooth, and it looked more alive with my pores tightened. But, because it is a peel, this may not go over well with sensitive skin. I also suggest following up with gentler serums and moisturisers as this already has an active ingredient. Let this be your core product of the day.

Chanel Beauty Le Lift V-Flash

Chanel’s Le Lift Flash Eye Revitaliser is possibly the best eye product I’ve ever used by far. So, there I was thinking: if Chanel’s got such a good product on their hands for eyes, surely some version of it for the face exists? Taaaadaaaaah. With Vitamins B3, E and C and Chanel’s own dicaffeoylquinic acid, V-Flash works as its name suggests: to lift your face and hopefully give it that covetable defined V shape. The Flash Eye’s plus is that it de-puffs and brightens near instantly. This works similarly, which is perfect for Sergeant Major Morning Puff Face i.e. me. It has the texture of a light gel serum and you only need a pea-sized drop. The first change is the velvety smooth finish it leaves behind. Then, the de-puffing. It isn’t extremely dramatic, but when you have morning face as severe as mine after high-sodium dinners the night before, this makes quite the difference. Combined with simple massages, I felt that my jaw line looked more defined after a few minutes. Sorcery? Possibly. This is Chanel, though, so the hefty price tag is expected. If you’re down to splurge, try it. Otherwise, there are always cold masks and your hands.

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