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We Put This Raved About Cleansing Device To The Test

All the rumors are true. Luna 3, the latest egg-shaped contraption that also manages to resemble a sea anemone, is the ultimate cleansing device that you need to add to your skincare routine. Stat.

There are so many reasons why having clear skin is so darn elusive. Maybe it’s because we cake our faces with makeup on the daily. Or, perhaps we can blame the hormonal changes that accompany our periods. It’s tiring to constantly look for pimple remedies and worry about having to cover your acne. What us girls need is a product that can help us cope with breakouts and congested skin.

Scrubbing your face with your bare hands is a cheaper alternative, but a faster way to get your skin to look clean, firm, smooth and glowing would be to use a massaging tool. While there are many on the market that gets the job done, it’s clear that we’ve always been on Team Foreo. 

Foreo Luna utilises tiny and gentle silicone bristles that oscillate back and forth to wash away dirt, oil, sebum, make-up residue and dead skin from every single nook and cranny of your face. Luna 3 is the newest kid on the block and it goes without saying that we had to put it to the test. 

Compared to Luna 2, it has a larger brush head as well as longer and softer touch points. This means that it reaches deeper into your pores, leaving your face feeling squeaky clean after each wash. We did not feel an ounce of dryness on our skin after using it and it was so fun to experiment with the 16 power levels of sonic pulsations available.

A unique aspect of the device would be that you have to use it along with a mobile app. Yes, an app. All you need to do is to connect your Luna 3 to the Foreo app via Bluetooth. The app also allows you to try four facial massage techniques that’ll give your skin an amazing glow.

After you apply the cleanser of your choice (we recommend an AHA/BHA formula) to your Luna 3, glide its touch points in circular motions over your face. There will be a built-in timer that shuts the device off after a few minutes. The only downside would be that you can’t wash your face when you exit the app. Guess that’s another reason to keep our phones charged at all times. 

If you are raring to grab a Luna 3 of your own, do take note that the different colours indicate the different skin types: pink for normal skin, blue for combination skin and purple for sensitive skin. Rejoice! For now we know, a cleanse with Luna 3 a day keeps the breakouts at bay. 

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