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We Found A Silky Facial Treatment Essence For The Tea-Obsessed

The kombucha bit isn't even the best part! My compadres with oily skin woes, you may want to pay attention to this one.

There are people who cannot go about their day without a cup of coffee, and then there are people like me who abhor coffee, taste being one of the many reasons why. I am, however, obsessed with tea. I have at least a cup a day. I am also obsessed with unconventional moisturisers that feel like nothing on the skin. You kind of have to be when your skin is as oily as mine. It is the reason why I am obsessed with serums.

So, when Fresh released the Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, I sort of flipped out. Here in my hands was a bottle of skincare that combined two of my – well, two of many – obsessions. There was no question about how down with it I was.

It doesn’t just aim to moisturise, too. Kombucha, which is fancy speak for fermented sweet black tea, is the essence’s key ingredient that protects the skin from free radicals and pollution. (I don’t have anti-pollution-centric products in my skincare routine, so this already is a plus point.) Then, there’s kigelia africana extract that works to smooth fine lines over time. Finally, a dash of the ever-important hyaluronic acid to give the skin a major dose of hydration.

The first thing one notices is how good it smells. You smell the ingredients – including the Mandarin peel extract – but there is no overpowering of the senses. The texture is like water, but with an extra something, because while it dries pretty quickly, it leaves behind a gleam, a fine layer of moisture to kickstart the rest of your routine. It is almost like what you get from serum mists, but a little more potent. (Fresh recommends this before serums and moisturisers.) The essence also leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. I expect it’ll be even better if preceded by an exfoliant.

As for the anti-pollution and age-delay properties, only time will tell. But, if it is anything like Fresh’s other black tea-centric products, then I can only expect good things from this one. I do, however, wonder what would happen if this was applied K-Beauty style i.e. going through a few rounds of splashing and tapping the product onto the skin. Hmmmm.

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