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It’s Not True What They Say About Getting Gel Manicures On The Regular

The debunked myths and tips you need to know so you don't panic the next time you see a headline that says "IS YOUR MANICURE CRUMBLING YOUR NAILS?!"

Before our honorary team member Baby Luca arrived, Yoyo stopped wearing gel nail polishes – and hers is the hardcore sort, not gelish – because apparently, or so they say, it isn’t good for the baby due to the chemicals it holds. Now that a few months have passed, she says that despite having gone for gel manicures consistently before Luca, her nails still looked the same during the time off as they did previously when it was one gel manicure after another. They still looked okay, pretty healthy even.

It got me thinking: are gel manicures really as damaging as everyone says or is it all just mambo jumbo?

I did a little digging and found out that while many have raised concerns about skin cancer, toxic chemicals and the thinning of nails at the very least, there is actually no concrete evidence that the UV lamps used to cure your nails will cause cancer. In fact, going out on a very sunny day is an even greater risk. There’s really no need to worry about reddening or darkening of the skin, either. As for toxic chemicals, simply check if the nail salon you visit uses formaldehyde-free formulas.

The thinning of nails is real, though. The culprit? Acetone. Aside from the breakage, thinning and splitting that comes with this widely-used chemical remover, an unskilled manicurist can also ruin your nail beds by over-soaking and scraping during the removal process. Don’t go peeling off your gelish either, because it’s essentially peeling off a layer of your nail.

I’ll say this first: just like skincare, nail care is tiring. For starters, apply hand creams that contain SPF whenever you can and especially so before your trip to the nail salon. Refrain from snipping off your cuticles, too, as they protect your nail beds from water and infection. Keep an eye on your manicurist, as chopping them away can also lead to uneven and bumpy nails. If it still bothers you, apply cuticle oil and gently push them back ever so slightly.

One last thing, don’t let the internet fool you into thinking that your nails have little nostrils and have a need to “breathe”. In reality, they don’t need to as the required nutrients come from your bloodstream. But, if there’s anything funky growing on your fingernails, it’s always best to pay a trip to the dermatologist. Other than that, don’t worry too much about your next trip to the nail salon because it’s really not as scary as they say it is.

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