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The Long Overdue Review On Glossier’s Best Sellers

Super Instagram-worthy millennial pink packaging aside, we put some of the iconic makeup and skincare products from this cool girl brand to the test.

You’ve seen it all over Instagram, you’ve seen it even on the red carpets. There are countless and countless of beauty brands out there, but Glossier – founded by Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss – sets itself apart from the rest of it because of just how cool it is. A constant feature in the beauty flatlays of your favourite cool girls of Instagram, their packaging is clean but eye-catching, their products are straightforward but beautiful. They all have these cute, quirky names that set them apart from the traditional brands. There truly is a lot to like.

But a beauty product is only as good as the next review. Packing isn’t everything. Given how powerless we are when faced with skincare and makeup trends, we decided to dig our ends deep into Glossier and find out if it is worth the hype once and for all.

Turns out, it really isn’t just all talk and smack. Glossier’s got more than a few tricks up its sleeves to the point that we don’t see ourselves filling up with guilt anytime soon as we convert to Glossier addicts. Also, that packaging. Call us hopeless. Call us book cover judgers. We’re not saying that they’re life-changing, but if you’re slowly easing into the world of subtle makeup, dewy skin and glossy lips, hopefully with little or no effort? Glossier’s the word.

Below, we picked out five of our personal winners from a pile of Glossier goods, so you know exactly what direction to take when you finally cave in to the Glossier-shaped wormhole.

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Some people would say this lip balm isn’t worth its price tag, but for something that’s ultra hydrating, fragrance-free and versatile, it seems pretty reasonable. With ingredients like seed butter, plant extracts and rosemary, this can be used on the lips, cuticles and even your elbows. A skin salve it is indeed.

Glossier Haloscope

We’ve gone ahead and slid this into the list of highlighters that we love here. But since it’s been granted a permanent spot in our makeup routine ever since we got hold of it, this seems like it deserves a spot on this list, too. Like the rest of the makeup from Glossier, this product is the dewiest looking highlighter that doesn’t contain any actual glitter. It’s moisturising, easy to apply and is the key to a no-fuss, no-makeup makeup look.

Glossier Cloud Paint

The gel-cream consistency makes blending easy to manage, even above setting powder. It gives a sheer rosy flush that provides that looks like you’ve been prancing in the sun for a bit. It’s lightweight and held up well even in humid weather and heat. Major cookie points for that.

Glossier Boybrow

We don’t know about you, but this waxy tint is a lifesaver. Like a mascara, but for your brows, this product not only brings out the brows you never knew you had, but it also tames those wild strands that never seem to stay in place. Skipping the painful process of having to shape perfect eyebrows sounds like a dream come true. Not to mention, they stay on all day. Yes, please.

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Jam-packed with natural ingredients like avocado oil, aloe vera and white kaolin clay, this detoxifying clay mask is a personal favourite. It promises to detoxify the skin, which helped with reducing redness and an overall smoother texture. It’s a no-fuss and easy to use product that will probably be in our list of holy grails for a long, long time.

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