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How To Get Your Lips Completely Kissable And Ready For Date Night

No one wants lipstick on their teeth and crusty lip bits hanging out at the corners of their mouths halfway through the appetisers.

Nothing screams sexy quite like putting on red lipstick. It is the magical accessory – shall we call it a necessity – that instantly takes confidence levels from zero to hundred and can transform a boring t-shirt and jeans combo from meh to oui.

Red lips, however, can get extremely, extremely, extremely tricky. Throw in a meal and it is like navigating around a minefield. It is hot, for sure, but the last thing you want is to smile at a date with lipstick in your teeth or crusty chapped skin hanging out at the corners of your mouth. Sorry for getting graphic on you, BUT IT HAPPENS. Red lips and dates, is that too much to ask?

While there is always the option of a touch-up, the beauty mongers that we are always looking for ways to cut down visits to the powder room. More time for conversation, less worry about makeup slipping right off your face. We tested a slew of lipsticks against the formidable foe that is oily ramen noodles and some of them stood the test, but there has to be more. Your lipstick may be good, but a boost to help it be even better will make things, well, better!

Valentine’s Day or otherwise, red lip or no,  if you are in an urgent need for super smooth, soft and hydrated lips, get ready with these five simple steps that go way, way beyond the lip balm. Pfft, what is this, amateur hour? (Okay, lip balms ARE still important, please don’t forget to bring one with you on that date.)


1. Scrub It Down

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to slough away dead skin from your dry lips. Try this one from Tarte that comes in a convenient pencil shape that will guarantee that there will be no mess, and hydrate your lips at the same time. Plus, it’ll make it a lot easier for your hydrating products to get absorbed into your skin.

2. Apply A Lip Serum

Never heard of one? Start treating your lips like the rest of the skin on your face. They need nutrients too, you know? Not only does this Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy from Fresh hydrate and moisturise, it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles on your lips. Now you know the secret to how beauty gurus can always apply liquid matte lipstick so flawlessly.

3. Use A Hydrating Lip Mask

For an intense hydration sesh, we always reach for a mask. Again, treat your lips like you would your face and give it some much needed TLC. Inject moisture in with Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Lip Masks that contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine. Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually include dragon. You are allowed to say “dracarys” while putting it on though.

4. Get Balmy

Lip balms are essential in every girl’s makeup pouch. Although you may think that your current one works fine, many of those from the drugstore traps moisture rather than provide moisture to your lips. They’re two different things. Try this Lip Baume De Rose from By Terry that we love – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – partly also because of the rose scent, but largely because it can turn your lips from a horror show to kissable. Tried and proven. If you’re not into that, however, we’ve got a whole list of other options, here.

5. Prime Those Lips

Just like how you would prime your lids before eyeshadow, priming your lips will help your lipstick stay on all night long. Not only does it help your lipstick stay in place, it’ll also ensure a smooth and even application. Plus, it’ll make the colour pop even more. This Prep + Prime Lip base from MAC Cosmetics won’t mix with your lipstick and is colourless and odourless, too. If you want to take the extra step, use a lip liner to prevent feathering. Or consider something like Chanel’s innovative Poudre A Levres Lip Balm and Powder Duo, where you apply on balm first, then the coloured matte powder, so that the colour really sinks into your lips.

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