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I Tried A Cult-Favourite Hair Scrub For A Whole Week

And I'm sorry, but I don't get what the big fudging deal is. Unpopular opinion, I KNOW! I KNOW!

Living in the tropics comes with a mix bag of problems. It is hot, it is humid, which means you sweat faster, your skin gets oilier faster, your hair needs to be washed daily. When friends who live a good distance from the equator tell me that they haven’t washed their hair in a week, I blink my eyes quizzically and reply, “I’m sorry, I do not understand.” Like how not everyone of us in le tropics is cursed with oily skin, not all of us are similarly cursed with tricky scalps. Unfortunately, your homegirl is not one of those people.

To cut the story short, I have been plagued with flaky and greasy scalp since I was a teen. While acne problems disappeared with adulthood, my tricky scalp remained. The grease got better, but the dandruff remained. Thus began years and years of going through bottles and bottles of shampoos hoping to find a solution that will rid the flakes. If it could keep the grease at bay and make my hair look more alive and glossy, that was an added bonus. I got 99 problems and my hair is one of them.

My search has been somewhat successful – highlight and bold on the “somewhat” – but I’m always game to try the next best thing. When I spotted a jar of Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt in between appointments at New York Fashion Week last month, I decided to go for it.

The scrub is backed by rave reviews and I’ve had an okay experience with sea salt shampoos via Lush’s Big Shampoo. Plus, it is a scrub. Nothing cleans things out better than scrubs. Thus, my experiment began. I deliberately chose to use it over my last days at Paris Fashion Week and the first few days upon my return to Singapore, just so I could test how it fared in different climates.

The first thing I noticed is how well it lathered. I only needed a peanut M&M-sized mound for my long hair. It also works through stands easily despite the salt grains and it didn’t leave that uncomfortable, squeaky after-feeling on my hair. (Lush’s Big Shampoo did, which is why I stopped using it.) The aftermath? Minimal flaking, if at all, but otherwise my hair looked the same. It wasn’t any bouncier or shinier than before. Hmmm.

It was a completely different story when I got back to Singapore. It was all well and good in the hours that followed my shower, but the next morning? Holy crap. My hair looked greasier and clumpier than usual – it typically behaves okay in the mornings – and there was so much flaking going on. So much. A friend even called me out on it! I had to wear my hair in a ponytail that day. What the hell went wrong? Did I use it wrong? Is it just me?

Perhaps it had something to do with the climate. Perhaps it was too much for my sensitive scalp. Perhaps I’m just one of the unfortunate few in the sea of rave reviews. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I’m going to give it another week just to be extra sure, but I guess it is ultimately back to the drawing board for me. Are you in the same boat as I am? Have you found your fix-all? Tell me! PLEASE!

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