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Meet the Drugstore Mascara that’s a Lash Lift in a Tube

We never thought the day will come when our favourite mascara will be dethroned from its spot but we've after all these years found its match.

We here at Team Kulala are on the other side of the fence with eyelash extensions, perms, and falsies. When it comes to the eyelash department, we prefer to make the most out of what mama gave us. Rather than take our chances with semi-permanent treatments that might or might not tug and eventually cause the fall out of our natural lashes, we play it safe with makeup.

We’re on the perennial lookout for the best mascaras in the market. We’ve dabbled into the high-end, drugstore and everything in-between for alternatives that could potentially dethrone Heroine Make’s Long & Curl Mascara – our long-reigning favourite.

Cue the drumroll…a contender has emerged. Well, sort of. The mascara in question is the latest edition to Heroine Make’s lineup – its Micro Mascara Advanced Film. Its formula, just as effective as that of our first love, does a stellar job in adding length and volume to the lashes. Just like the Long & Curl Mascara, the Micro Mascara Advanced Film simply does not budge. And going against the logic of a long-wearing mascara, is also a breeze to remove at the end of the day.

However, the two notably differ, needless to say, in the size of the bristles. The micro bristles in Heroine Make’s latest endeavour do a relatively better job at separating and generously coating every lash. No one gets left out at the party here. Also, is it just us who has those occasional but incredibly inconvenient accidents when your hand spasms and jabs the mascara all over your eyelid? If you nodded behind the screen, the Micro Mascara Advanced Film is the alternative you never knew you needed in your makeup arsenal.

On a side note, those who prefer extra, extra length for drama, coat your lashes with Heroine Make’s Curl Keep Mascara Base right after you’re done curling your lashes. The fibres will really elongate and amplify the mascara’s effect. The serum-infused base also doubles as a protective layer. Typically, we’d skip this step but if you want to go the whole way, layer up with the base prior.

After all these years, I think we finally have a new (but not so) mascara we’re completely sold on.

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