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Not Clickbait: This Hourglass Mascara is a Lash Lift and Extension All in One

So long eyelash extensions! So long eyelash perms! So long fake lashes! You're not going to need any of those with Hourglass's Caution Extreme Lashes mascara in your beauty stash.

Have you ever had one of those instances where you try something and are so completely sold, you feel an overwhelming desire to rattle off your sales pitch to anyone who engages in a (totally unrelated) conversation with you thereafter? I might’ve only experienced it a handful of times. If memory serves me correctly, amongst them is an almond croissant from a local bakery, The Ordinary’s serum foundation, a Calvin Klein bandeau bra and a couple of other things lost with time. The latest of the lot is Hourglass’s Caution Extreme Lashes mascara.

Where do I even START with this? For one, the mascara is currently sold out on Sephora. You know what that means – there’s a sizeable population willing to shell out 50 dollars for a tube of mascara. It costs a pretty penny but it is worth every.single.cent. Now, I know what they say about not judging a book by its cover but I couldn’t help myself but let out a little *gasp* when I first opened the packaging to reveal the vile of mascara inside. The luxurious, reflective golden tube glistened under the light as if it were a halo hanging over. Was this sent down to me from the heavens and made by God himself?

Pretty much. Dramatics aside, there are three main things I take into consideration in gauging the effectiveness of a mascara. The first, its lengthening and thickening effect. On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this would be the equivalent of physiological needs that absolutely need to be met at the base of the pyramid. Is it really a mascara if it doesn’t thicken and lengthen your lashes? Not in my books. Secondly, the formula. Ideally, it should glide over the lashes without getting clumpy even with the application of multiple layers. Clumpy mascara that deliver in volume but weigh the lashes down are a no-no for me. Lastly, a mascara has to be long-lasting – smudge-proof, non-flaky and the whole works. It shouldn’t budge throughout the day but at the end of the day, it should come off easy with gentle swipes of a remover. Remember ladies, the skin around the eye area is thin and more susceptible to wrinkles. Always go in with a light hand.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m that hard-to-please consumer. For years, I have remained loyal to the Long & Curl Mascara from Heroine Make. But now I’m a convert and there’s no looking back. The Caution Extreme Lashes mascara blew all of my (above-mentioned) expectations out the water. If you’re looking for dramatic yet natural-looking lashes, this IS IT. You might even have to think twice about using this on the daily cause it might make your lashes too poppin’ for the everyday. It’s a problem I’d gladly deal with. Ugh, can you imagine the dilemma! They certainly weren’t playing when they named the mascara Caution Extreme Lashes.

Oh, and, word on the street has it that this mascara is Kim Kardashian’s go-to.

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