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How To Pick & Choose Your Signature Fragrance

Every tip and trick you need to know so that you never have to spend another dime on a fragrance you'll only use once ever again.

Finding a signature fragrance and sticking to it is trickier than most people think. How many times have you bought a fragrance at a store only to find that you absolutely abhor it a week down the road? Oh, all those bottles of perfume, just sitting pretty and collecting dust on your shelf. Perhaps you were distracted by the packaging. We know we’ve been guilty of that. Or, perhaps you thought you would be into the classics, only to find that you absolutely are not after unwrapping the box and taking that first whiff. Marilyn Monroe, you are not.

Fragrance is a personal thing, so the route you take to your signature scent should be a personal one as well. It shouldn’t be difficult, though. Before you unload another hundred bucks on a fragrance you’ll only spritz once before burying it in the trenches of your vanity, peruse our little tried-and-tested cheat sheet below.


1. Don’t Be Distracted

By the packaging, price, popularity, brand or the opinions of others, really. Basically, the “I’ll Have What She’s Having” method isn’t going to work here. If you like it, then you like it. Simple as that. Whether it costs a lot or very little, whether it is one of the popular ones or something completely hipster and unheard of.

2. The Ingredients

It helps to figure out what specific scents you like best. Bergamot, vanilla bean, sandalwood, tuberose, citrus, roses etc. etc. It cuts down the legwork and will help you round down the search quicker.

3. Try Everything

This is obvious, but if you really have no clue what your preferences are, just head down to that fragrance aisle and go nuts. Do give your nose a break after a few tries. Experts we’ve spoken to recommend coffee beans, tea or just a good old sip of water.

4. Test It On Skin

Think you’ve found the one? Testing it on those fancy white paper sticks isn’t enough. A scent can smell completely different on your skin, the same way how it’ll smell different on somebody else.

5. Don’t But It…Yet

So, you’re digging how it smells on the back of your palm at this point. Don’t head for the cashier just yet. Spritz it on your forearm and take a long walk. This is to allow the different layers beyond the top notes to reveal itself and also allow it to interact with your skin. If you’re still into it after, say, thirty minutes, it’s a good sign. Again, don’t rush into it. Come back tomorrow, or the week after and see if you still like it then. If it’s a yes, you’ve found your next favourite scent, my friend! For now, at least.

6. Try A Scent Profiling Session

If you have your mind set on getting a fragrance from a particular brand after testing several of their fragrances, check if they conduct in-house consultations. They’ll typically give recommendations based on your preferred fragrance type, personality and mood you want to evoke.


Main Collage: YOYOKULALA.com

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