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How To Get The Spa Treatment Without Having To Visit One

It is fully customisable, you can take your own sweet damn time and you can use things you already own. Welcome to the home spa, Team KULALA style.

Every time the weekends come around, we’ve got the feels to roll in bed and curl up into a ball. Saturday night out? Sunday brunch? Unheard of. All we want to do is position ourselves in front of our telly, prop our legs up and munch on a big bag of chips. Unfortunately, it’s not the most effective way to destress. It is cloudy with a chance of a new pimples and damned weight gain.

The other way to go about the chilling business? Spa days. But there are two downsides to the case: it will cost you and you still have to haul your heinie from the home or the office, then haul said heinie from the spa back to your home. Some days you just want to go home.

Hence, we make the case for the home spa, the same way how we make the case for the home facial. Think about it: you’ll be at home, which is the most comfortable and cosy place you can be, it is fully customisable, you can use things you already own (though there is no harm in getting more, eh?) and you can take your own sweet time. Just make sure everyone else in your space is done using the bathroom first. You don’t want a pissed roommate banging on your door.

Whenever you’re ready, get literally everything off, grab your bathrobe and go through our eight-step home spa kit below.



Warm your body with a cup of tea (very à la spa), then turn up the music and light the candles. If you’re not sure what scents work best, we’ve got an expert guide here.



No, we’re not talking anything R-rated. We mean steamy quite literally, as it helps to open up your pores and prep your skin for a little mask action. You can stick your head over a pot of hot water, or get in the shower and continue the next step.



Kill two birds with one stone by scrubbing down in the shower. It’ll exfoliate your skin and help the epidermis absorb moisture more efficiently. If you’ve got no idea which scrub to start with, we just so happen to have the perfect guide to choosing your scrubs.



The importance of masks should always be emphasised on. It also makes you stop everything and just sit down for a bit and do nothing. Or, put on Netflix, but don’t get distracted and forget to remove it after its instructed timing. Head on over here for eight sheet masks that we loved or try these ultra-luxe ones below.




Nothing soothes the skin like a good lathering session that leaves you with skin softer than a baby’s derriere. (What’s with all the talk about behinds today?) Those tired muscles could do with a good rub down, but don’t forget your face and hands as well.



If you’re more of an oil person, or you want to reminisce about lying on that massage table from summer’s beach vacation, use oil! Like regular body lotions but a little more multi-purpose, massage them onto your face, body and hair. The scent of the plant extracts will do wonders for relieving tension.



Like sleeping, but surrounded by water. Bath bombs, bath salts, bath bubbles, bath petals – pick your poison. These can go from $100 for a jar to $2 for a packet at Daiso. For the sake of the environment and your utilities bill though, don’t go for the full tub. As long as it is enough for a soak.



Keeping yourself well-hydrated will help speed up the process of relieving stress. Water is great, but treat yourself, we always say! You’ve already had tea, so try a smoothie instead. Grab a good book, maybe? We have a bunch here.


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