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The Five-Step Routine That Cures Your Morning Face In 15 Minutes

When your #wokeuplikethis means swollen eyelids, a puffy face and hilariously-placed sleep marks that you don't know whether to laugh or cry about.

There are worse things than waking up with a puffy face. It certainly is better than waking up with a massive, angry pimple at the most prominent areas of your face, that’s for sure. Or, a stiff neck. Yikes. But on days where you have big meetings with clients, a date after months of not having one or you just simply have to get your picture taken, seeing your eyes buried under a swollen set of lids and your face puffed up to the size of a plate can be quite distressing. Let’s not forget the pillow marks for all of us face-down sleepers.

Of course, there are preventive measures to avoid the whole thing altogether: cut down on your sodium intake to cut water retention, drink plenty of water, sleep on your back, swap out your cotton sheets for silk and pop on a silk eye mask for extra measure. Unfortunately on nights where the stomach grumbles in a way that only a sodium-laden supper can satisfy, or if you’ve chocked up a hefty sleep debt and it is starting to show, last minute solutions will have to do. Set the panic aside and look to our super quick five-step routine to cure your case of the morning face.


#1: Drink Water

You know the myth about how drinking too much water before bed leads to a puffy face? Well, no. It is the exact opposite. A bloated face in the morning is typically the result of dehydration and your body holding on to water. So, to fix it? Skip the caffeine – which is dehydrating – and down the water first. This is your first response to le bloat. (It’ll also help to get those large intestines up and running, if you know what I mean.)


#2: The Old-Fashioned Cold Spoon

Sometimes, the old remedies work best. If your eyes are beyond puffy and your lids are swollen from last night’s supper of ramen and monosodium glutamate, the frozen spoon trick is your quickest fix. Pop one into the freezer, then massage your eyes with it. Repeat if necessary – it will go down. But, to be extra sure, follow up with…


#3: Instant Eye Treatments

There are many great eye creams, but you want one that is almost an instant fix. A miracle worker. Like Chanel’s Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer. The rollerball packaging helps to knead away puffiness as it works the ultra-light product into your skin. The gel under-eye patches that come with it help to seal the moisture in, too,  freeing your hands to…


#4: Push It Real Good

For every beauty woe that exists, there is a beauty gadget to deal with it, and if the problem is puffiness from water retention, look no further than the admittedly questionable-looking ReFa Carat. Dirty jokes aside, this platinum face massager has been proven to push, roll and knead away puffiness on and at the sides of your face, along with lines that may have resulted from the puffiness. If you are not ready to part with $300, use the most natural of beauty gadgets – your hands. Face massages also help to fade sleep lines by simulating circulation, too.


#5: Serum Mists

You’ve downed the water. You’ve de-puffed the puffiness. Now, the final step to refresh your face for a new day – the good old face mist. If you like the water ones, that’s cool, but we like ours with a bit of something extra, like serum mists, so you get some of that skincare in as well, especially one days where you’re rushing out the door. For this, we love Caudalie, Skin Inc and Etude House.


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