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Jeepers Peepers: How To Fake The False Eyelashes Look

No falsies, no eyelash extensions – just your good ol' lashes and some makeup magic.

In Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice – the Keira Knightley one that has the movie world divided – the rambunctious (read: severely annoying) Lydia Bennett comments that a certain soldier she has her eyes on has “great, long lashes like a cow”. Under regular circumstances, being compared to a cow isn’t the nicest thing – unless we’re talking about lashes. You can call me a cow all you want in that case.

Thanks to modern inventions and the demands of vain women everywhere – ourselves included, obvs – long lashes are attainable even if you weren’t born with them. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience or skill to deal with fake eyelashes, and we’re heard too many horror stories about eyelash extensions. BUT, all is not lost, my children, for we have devised a five-step method that will make the most of your current lashes and your favourite mascara. You won’t get the volume and fluttery-ness that comes with false eyelashes, but it’ll make your natural lashes pop like nobody’s business.


Step 1: Prep Your Lashes
The base to the masterpiece. There are mascaras that help to elongate lashes, but if you can get your natural lashes to be super long before that, why not? Eyelash serums aren’t talked about a lot in the beauty books, but there are some decent ones out there that actually work. Heroine Make, Zino, DHC, Dior and L’Oreal Paris all carry highly-raved ones. You can use them as a “moisturiser” before your mascara, or as an extra step in your daily beauty routine. The tricky bit is getting the serum to every lash without poking or getting the stuff into your eye.


Step 2: Get Them Feelin’ Toasty
Heated eyelashes are easier to curl, period. Heated eyelash curlers do the trick, but if holding the device so close to your eye brings recollections of the Final Destination variety, a regular eyelash curler work just fine. Just heat it up with a hairdryer before curling!


Step 3: Curl The Sh*t Out Of Them
The most important step to getting that fanned-out, wide-eyed look. Remember – you don’t just want your lashes to look long, you want to be able to see them against (but not touching) your lids. They all look the same at first glance, but the type of curler matters. We like those by Shiseido, Laneige and Jill Stuart. The trick to getting that soft curve is to gently turn the curler upwards and outwards as you remove the curler from your lashes. The method sounds funny on paper, but it’ll make total sense when you try it out.


Step 4: Mascara, Mascara, Mascara
Mascaras designed to elongate lashes make the most sense. If you want more weight, follow-up with a volumising mascara, though we prefer the lengthening one alone for more natural-looking, non-clumpy lashes. (If you’re looking for mascaras that work wonders without smudging, we have a list of those here.)


Step 5: Remove With Care
Lashes, like your hair and skin, deserve care. To ensure that your natural lashes stay on in the makeup removal process – especially when waterproof mascaras are involved – use a proper mascara remover (this one by Heroine Make is quite amazing). Just apply it on your lashes, wait a few minutes and wipe it gently with a cotton pad moistened with eye makeup remover. The result? Mascara off, lashes all intact.


Pretty Twiggy-esque lashes for all! What is your secret to long, luscious natural lashes? Besides already having naturally long lashes, of course. (Psst, we finally got Facebook. Like us over here, maybe?)


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