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5 Ways To Get Your Face Back After Bawling

The month of love can mean heartbreak for some. If you need your game face pronto after crying your eyes out, we've got your back better than a box of Kleenex.

You’re watching The Lion King at midnight, napkin in one hand and a cup of instant ramen in the other. You’ve seen the film a thousand times over, but you also just got out of a relationship. Cue the tears. Mufasa gets betrayed and you’ve never related to a scene so much before. It’s full-on ugly crying from here onwards, and you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the blackened screen. You cry some more. (Based on a true story, but I’m not naming names.)

After finally getting yourself to sleep, you wake up eight hours later to the most challenging of morning faces: the Post-Bawl Swoll™. Your eyes are red and so puffy you can hardly see out of them, your face is swollen from water retention, your nostrils are chapped from rubbing them too much with tissues. The ramen did NOT help.

Calling in sick is not an option. You have people you need to meet. The last thing you want is for someone to ask you what’s wrong and trigger the waterworks again. You have an hour before you’re out the door and shades can only do so much. What now? Plenty. Stem them tears, wash that face and walk yourself through these five steps – again, actual experience – to get your face back in business. These work best if you do them before you hit the sack, but better later than never.



This is obvious – or perhaps, not? – but crying dehydrates the face. Like sweating or peeing, it is a way that the body loses water. Once the waterworks have stopped, and even if you’re not feeling up to it, drink up. Immediately. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not with wine – water! If you went to bed without doing so, do it in the morning. It’ll help you detox, too.


The oldest, cheapest trick in the book, because it works. Press the curve of a frozen – clean! – spoon over your eye and gently message it. The cold temperature helps to constrict blood vessels and tighten the skin in the area, so you’ll want to ice the rest of your face too if you can. If you have depuffing beauty gadgets, those work, too, but you want it cold. For an extra boost, try roll-on eye serums – like Chanel’s Le Lift Flash Eye Revitaliser which is some kind of amazing – or a gel eye mask.



Again, your face is dehydrated. Your skin has also been rubbed raw from all those Kleenexes and the sensitive, thin skin around your nose and eyes probably got the brunt of it. Mask up, slather up, mist up – get moisture back into your skin. If you have time, we recommend a chilled sheet mask. Otherwise, try day masks like Allies of Skin widely-raved 1A All-Day Mask.




There’s no redness a bit of concealer can’t fix. Dab a bit more on the inner corners to brighten the eyes and on the bridge of the nose to highlight it and bring attention to the centre of your face – aka, don’t look at my eyes. Don’t know if you’re doing it right by dabbing it on or should you have used a brush? Read what we think here.


In an article by Huffington Post, it is psychologically proven that faking a smile can evoke positive feelings and lift your mood. It’s like swearing when you’re in pain. Or referring to yourself in the third person to ease anxiety. It is weird science stuff, but it works. So, try it, then double it with red lipstick, whether as a means to take attention away from your bad night or a confidence booster. Take your pick from our range of lipstick reviews here.


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