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The Slick Sisters Club: How To Make Foundation Stay Longer On Your Skin

As told by a seasoned pro who has been in the melt zone one too many times. (Hint: It is about much more than just choosing the right foundation.)

When your skin is on the oily side, the basis of your entire makeup routine is, unfortunately, almost wholly dependent on it. What foundation to use, whether you should apply sunblock at all because it adds another layer of product (yes, you definitely should), the different primers required for different areas of your face, etcetera, etcetera. You spend months or even years looking for the perfect foundation that will do the job without betraying you at the end of the day.

Let’s just say that patchy foundation is not cute. I hate catching myself in the mirror with melted, pooled up foundation at the corners of my nose, particularly after I’ve just wrapped up meetings or luncheons with clients. Oh, god. Did they have to stare at my patchy foundation the whole time? Oh, god.

Of course, oily skin is extremely tricky. While there are foundations that have serious staying power with excellent coverage, the fact of the matter is that when your skin is prone to greasing up easily especially under heat or thick humidity, there isn’t that one supreme foundation that stays on without budging at all for a full, proper day. For normal skin types, these cult-favourite foundations work flawlessly. Those of us with oily skin need to whip out more than a couple of tricks to get there.

In the last months, I took it upon myself to really crack the code that’ll help my favourite foundation work even better. That one day that I finally committed to the cause and succeeded? Damn, it was possibly one of my top three makeup days. I took so many selfies – and I’m not usually like that, I swear! If you’re in the same boat as I am, I’ve rounded things up into five tips to remember. After that, it’s all about committing to the gig and swearing-off patchy foundation fo lyfe.

Look for that “just right” consistency: That is, somewhere between creamy and watery or water-based. The former because you need it to stick, the latter so that it is lightweight and thin. Dior, Lancome, Koh Gen Do and NARS have some of the best liquid foundations for oily skin. If you can’t find your ideal consistency anywhere, try mixing a creamier one with a more watery one.

PRIME, PRIME, PRIME: Why? To keep those oil-producing pores under control and to mattify your skin. Sisley could possibly have the best primer in existence, but if you’re not ready for the splurge, consider Burberry, Benefit or Becca. Don’t forget to finish things off with a setting spray, but don’t go trigger-happy with the nozzle. (We reviewed a whole list of primers and setting sprays here and here.)

Layer it thin: This applies to everything – primer, sunblock and foundation. While it can be tempting to pile on the foundation to blur out spots, veins, redness and zits, don’t. Save that for the concealer. Because you really need the foundation to sink into your skin, stippling is the best application method to use as compared to swiping or massaging. That means sponges over brushes, or even your bare hands. Sponges also help you control how much foundation goes onto your skin.

Blot wherever, whenever: Blot once you’re done with your entire makeup routine to soak up any excess moisture or sebum, then blot again each time you’re at the ladies’ room. Get to the sebum before it gets to you. Go gentle, too – you don’t want to remove your makeup in the process. I find that soft facial tissues work best over the scratchy, papery ones often found in bathrooms.

Consider the cushion: Once you’ve blotted, there is a chance that your foundation is patchy. As bottled foundations aren’t the most convenient when you’re on the go, top up with a cushion foundation. Powders are great for mattifying the skin, but they don’t solve the patchiness. If you want, use both. (For long-lasting wear, there’s no beating liquid foundations. Cushion foundations typically end up looking patchy before the day is over. If you still prefer the lightness and ease of a cushion foundation though – as do I on lazy days– just remember to blot and touch-up before you hit that fateful sixth hour.)

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