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How to Pick Your Le Labo Scent According to Your Skin Type

And there's a whole lot more to discover beyond the cult favourite, Santal.

Before you read further into this story, you HAVE to watch this for context. If you count yourself amongst the New York-based luxury fragrance label’s cult followers, the micro-musical would probably have tickled your funny bone. But if you haven’t yet been acquainted with Le Labo, here’s the 101. The scent Santal from Le Labo is hailed as the holy grail of all perfumes by every “cool” kid on the block. The rest of it is pretty much self-explanatory. If you work in the creative industry in any capacity, you probably wear the scent yourself, know of someone who does or at some point caught a whiff of the distinct deep woody, smokey scent. This, I can vouch for myself.

Now, presuming, that you’re all caught up with the tongue-in-cheek song, let’s move on. At this point, we all know that if you are a loyal member of the unspoken Le Labo allegiance, it’s a tie that is near impossible to severe. We’d be fools to even attempt to convince a staunch Le Labo fan to look elsewhere to satisfy their olfactory system. Blasphemous, even! What then is even the point of this exposition?

It’s simple, really: To turn your gaze to all the other fragrances Le Labo has to offer beyond Santal. And we have a few pointers, too, to steer you in the direction towards THE Le Labo scent for you. Fragrance shopping done the correct way is far more complicated than purely going by your personal preferences. The actual science behind it will have you know that certain scents wear better on certain skin types. Afterall, your skin does react with the spritzs of Le Labo elixir or anything that you apply on it for that matter.

If your skin type is on the oilier end of the spectrum, the natural oils produced by your body take to the oils in fragrances like fish to water. This means perfumes don’t wear off as easily on you. When picking your scents, fragrance experts suggest reaching for fresh, zesty scents that won’t weigh heavy in the air as the day progresses. Concoctions like Bergamote 22, Baie 19, Jasmin 17, Ambrette 9, Neroli 36 and Fleur d’Oranger from Le Labo’s lineup would make ideal scents for you.

On the flip side, if you find your skin being on the drier end, the reverse logic applies. When your skin produces lesser natural oils,  fragrance oils don’t have much to cling onto. Scents, then, dissipate fairly quickly with barely a faint linger left by the end of the day. To get the bang for your buck and smell like something, you need to reach for heavier scents. Off the list of 18 scents, Vetiver 46, Patchouli 24, Oud 27, Labdanum 18 and, if you absolutely must, Santal 33 make the cut.

Now, go forth and discover your signature scent!

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