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Is Preventing Lipstick From Smudging Under Your Face Mask Really Mission Impossible?

It isn't entirely fool proof but this nifty little trick goes a long way.

It’s getting close to the time of the year when your calendar starts filling up with invites to parties, dinners, brunches, and all that fun and (now foreign) stuff. After months of alternating between sweatpants and pyjamas, barely putting on any makeup, and mostly interacting with fellow earthlings via Zoom conference calls, the festive season marks the grand return back to regular programming. Safely distanced, no less.

The face mask is a mandatory accessory we’d all be touting this party season. We’re all for taking precautions but we’d be lying if we were to say it didn’t drive a massive wedge between us and our show-stealing party makeup look. Remember that one time we attempted glitter lips?

Given the new mask-wearing norm, we’d have to save such wild ambitions for another day. We do, however, need an alternative for when the face mask comes off at a party. Can we have our cake and eat it too?

The safest bet would mean opting for matte lipsticks that wouldn’t budge come hell or high water. Yet, even the best of the lot might bleed out at the sides under the humidity of a face mask. Whether a glossy or matte finish, painting your lips underneath a face mask calls for reinforcement.

After applying it on as you would as per usual, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess. Then, take a fresh piece of tissue and layer it over your lips. Dab a brush into your translucent powder and press gently over the tissue. This does the trick to seal your lipstick in.

Is it completely fool-proof? No. However, it does give you extra mileage for your lipstick at least until you reach your destination. Touching up is also made a whole lot easier this way when you have a set base to work with. It might be a bit of a risk to take, but if you’re not over breaking up with your lipsticks, it might just pay off.

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