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How To Transform Your Everyday Makeup Routine Instantly

If your current makeup routine just isn't cutting it, or if you're bored with it, we've got some tricks up our sleeves.

Remember that pivotal moment when you tried a certain beauty product for the first time and were sold on it for life? Perhaps, it was a foundation cushion that met all your needs, a contour kit that unearthed the jawline you didn’t know you had, or a magical primer that finally, finally held everything in place. Oh, how you’ve searched and searched. Perhaps, it was the first time you tried on a liquid eyeliner, or an eyeshadow colour that isn’t brown. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Once you’ve tried that one thing, you just cannot go back to what you were using before.

Simple things can transform the way you do your makeup instantly. Heck, even the shape of your eyelash curler can change the look of your eyes, what more everything else. If you’ve been on the same makeup routine for years and want something new, or if your current one is unsatisfactory, maybe because you’re still not getting that glow or your current liquid foundation is just such a hassle to apply, our list of transformation beauty products is here to wipe away those tears. Of course, there are countless of things that can transform your makeup in no time at all, not just those we listed. What was that one product that completely changed your everyday makeup?



The surest way to transform your daily look. We’ve professed our love for the burgundy eye before and we still can’t get enough. If hot pink or red is too much for you, try colours that are closer to the foolproof earthy and peachy tones, like burnt orange, burgundy and coral.



No highlighter can compare to the glow of natural, radiant skin. The best way to get it? Well, celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, whose clients include everyone from Selena Gomez to Karlie Kloss, says you have to exfoliate. It’ll slough away all the dead skin, leaving you with a smoother canvas. We don’t know about you, but seeing as all his clients seem to literally glow on the red carpet, we’re listening. If you plan to exfoliate daily, look for gentle exfoliators that cater to sensitive skin.



DON’T. SKIP. THE. EYE. CREAM. Not only will it moisturise the skin around the eyes (i.e. the one place we tend to attack the hardest when removing makeup), it helps you deal with morning puffiness and tired eyes, giving you brighter and more rejuvenated peekers. Making it part of your daily prep will delay the onset of lines in the long run, too. Just remember to let it set for at least a minute – and blot if necessary – before you pile on the makeup!



Not just primers, but highlighting primers. It’ll give you that lit-from-within glow. We love Becca and Sisley for this – even wrote an entire essay about the latter – but if you need more options, we have a long list for you to mull over here.



Not that there’s anything wrong with brow powders or brow pencils, but we find that adding a light touch of eyebrow mascara gives it a more natural appearance. Brow mascaras hold your brows in place, too, so you don’t have to worry about your faux brow shifting out of place.



You either love it or you hate it, but considering how these basically fly off the shelves everywhere, we’re going with the majority. This cuts foundation time by so much. So much. It’ll also make your foundation look less streaky and more even – as long as you remember to wet it first. If you’ve never tried it, we suggest that you succumb to peer pressure just this once and do it. It’ll probably be the most expensive makeup sponge you’ll ever buy, but just do it.



We’ve got nothing against regularly sized lipsticks, but there’s just something about skinny lipsticks that we like more. It’s more flexible, which allows you to get to hard-to-reach areas without botching things up, and it also allows you to draw smoother curves. If you’re not fussy, skinny lipsticks can be both lip pencil and lipstick in one. Precise, time-saving and travel-friendly to boot? We think we’ve said enough.

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