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The Dilemma of Wearing A Dark Lip And How To Deal With It

To ditch the eyeshadow or the eyeliner? If you love a dark lip, but don't want to ditch the rest of your face in the name of balance, we have exactly three solutions.

There are a couple of things we can’t live without. In order of importance: eyebrows, eyeliner and a dark lip. Yes, we absolutely adore it and the whole autumn winter look – except, we want to wear it excessively all year round. A dark lip is like a red lip. It’s bold, fun and is a whole accessory itself. That also means that the look can be too overbearing for everyday wear and we don’t want to look too trying, either. It’s shockingly easy to resemble a clown when the strong colour clashes with your pink blush and basically everything else. And so, we’ve found ourselves stumbling on a quest to find the perfect combination for an effortless look.

A typical answer to this problem would be to tone it down. Balance, balance, balance, right? Lose the eyeliner and the shadow. But, when you factor in the issue of how we are not able to give up our on-fleek brows or our blinding highlights or really, the rest of the face, the experimentation process goes a little bit further. What if we paired a plum lip and a plum eyeshadow, or a burgundy lip coupled with a ton of mascara? That’s why we’ve drawn up little diagrams – and the likes of Olivia Munn, Ruby Rose and Maisie Williams at award season – to help you visualise a little, just to help you avoid looking like you’re off to a goth party. (Unless, of course, that’s your intended look and if so, yay you!)


#1: The No-Makeup Makeup Look

No, no, we’re not talking about the conventional type. In order to complement the dark lip, swap out a winged eyeliner for a bit of tight-lining action and a ton of mascara. You’ll still get the same eye-widening effect, but in a more natural way.

#2: Matchy-Matchy

Adding a pop of colour on your lids would not only accentuate your eyes, but also tie in the entire look for a more put-together finish. Plus, a little smokiness won’t hurt anyone.

#3: Jazz Up That Eyeliner

Changing up your eyeliner is the easiest way (other than lipstick) that’ll add personality and fun into your look. You can achieve this by using a liner in the colour of your choice, or using an eyeshadow to draw it on. Make sure to seal it in after with a spritz of a setting spray.

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