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We Got Our Hands On The Huda Beauty Eye Palette That Broke The Internet

Herein lies the glitter-fueled palette to end all other palettes. The wildly popular Huda Beauty has FINALLY landed in Singapore, which means it is test drive time!

When it comes to makeup, us beauty junkies will always name our favourites that we swear by. The holy grails will only change until a better contestant comes along. Historically, we find that this practice applies to things involving mascara, eyeliner and brows. Then, we look on the opposite end of the spectrum. The coloured, a-step-above-basic things.

It doesn’t matter if you have ten, twenty or fifty eyeshadow palettes or lipsticks, because when you’ve hit that level of obsessed, you know that they’re all different. You’re allowed to have more than multiple favourites.

As such, it is with this mentality that we approached Huda Beauty, which just landed fresh on our shores. (Yeah ladies, go nuts.) If you’re not familiar with the brand, just know this: Huda Kattan is a vlogger, makeup artist and successful beauty mogul with legions of fans – 26.1 million to be exact – which includes some of Instagram’s coolest.

Needless to say that we grabbed what we could get the moment we saw the words “Huda Beauty” amid the aisles at Sephora. The Internet kind of broke when the Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette launched halfway across the globe, so dove headfirst with that.

Upon first impression, the colours come across as bold and daring, like a sassier version of Urban Decay’s perennially popular Naked Palette. But, what really caught our eyes were the insane glitter-fueled colours that ranged from milled to larger chunks. While the latter does require more effort to blend in to your lid, it makes it so much easier to create a gradient eyeshadow look and it also sticks to the skin in an instant. This is truly unlike any other glitter eyeshadow we’ve ever tired. It is magical.

Not feeling up for the splurge? That’s okay, because there’s the more compact version in Warm Brown Obsessions which contains more everyday shades of browns, oranges and red with one foil-like copper shimmer in the centre. It has the same long-wearing formula and bestows upon you the ability to easily create different looks that stand out. The compactness and mirror make the palette superb for travelling, too.

We may have expressed, possibly written an essay, about how far we’ve moved on from matte lipsticks, but when faced with something that sells by the thousands, how can we say no? The formula is drying, but let’s be real – that is how all matte lipsticks are. Sorry to burst your bubble. The colour payoff is strong, though, and it is not sticky nor does it transfer. However, because of the dryness, your lip creases become more prominent, which could prove problematic if you have dry lips. We love the colours, but as of now, our verdict on matte lipsticks remain unchanged, even with Huda Beauty.

Still, for first impressions, Huda Beauty killed it. That eyeshadow palette? Eh-vury-thing. Now that is has finally made its way to Singapore, we think it is only time before more of this label appears among our Best of Beauty series.

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