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KULALA Guide: The Things That We Never Get On The Plane Without

It's all about getting off on the right foot – and the right inflight sitch. Here, six of us list down the things we ALWAYS have in our carry-on.

Like most people, flying long-haul is not the funnest thing in the world. Some people get anxiety. Some people have sensitive stomachs that cannot deal with the food. Some with sensitive skin feel their skin shrivelling up an hour in. Some people just cannot get any rest despite being seated. If we had the choice to teleport instead of getting on a plane, boy sign us up.

Being airborne takes quite a toll on the body and skin. Airplane cabins are extremely dehydrating, which can either trigger an excessive production of oil, which traps grime, or completely dry you out. Then, there’s the lack of simple exercise and circulation. And, those cups of water? Minuscule! Showing up to your holiday destination dehydrated with a giant zit on your nose is no fun at all.

With spring and summer well on its way – if not already – along with it comes vacation season. Everyone has their own way of combating long flights. If you haven’t quite figured out your formula, or you feel it hasn’t been perfected, perhaps we can give you some ideas to create the perfect survival kit, from some of our favourite lip balms and hand creams to date to a cult-favourite face mist that hardly leaves a scratch in the bank.

“I almost always need a hoodie, even if it means I’ll get a pat down at customs, because it protects my face and hair from the plane seat, which isn’t always the cleanest thing. It also doubles as a sleeping mask. I always need a lip balm – Dior’s Lip Glow is a steadfast favourite – and an invigorating mist like Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. Finally, the biggest bottle of water that I am allowed to take onboard and plenty of refills to follow.” – Candice (@candice_who), Head Writer & Web Manager

“I must have my Apple AirPods, so that I can have a good sleep on flight. I also always have Chanel’s Le Crème Main hand cream and Glossier’s Balm Dotcom. If it is a red-eye and long flight, I have at least two masks with me – Innisfree’s It’s Real Squeeze Honey is still a favourite of mine – and a moisturising cleanser, like Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser, to wash away all the plane dirt.” – Yoyo (@yoyokulala), Head Boss

“Getting the window seat has it’s ups and downs – the upside would include the gorgeous views of fluffy white clouds while the downside would be the increased exposure to UV rays. Being closer to the sun will actually increase the negative impacts that it has on our skin, which is further enhanced by the reflective clouds. This is why I never forget the YSL Blanc Pur Couture Protection UV SPF 50 that also multitasks as a hydrator to combat the dry air, too.” – Natalyn (@natabat), Writer & Graphic Designer

“The ReFa S Carat Massager and Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray! It is extremely dehydrating on the flight and the mist is able to keep my skin moisturised and prevent my nose from bleeding, too. Also, to relief sinus pressure and pain, the ReFa S Carat is able to ease the pain as I roll it over my face and get a small massage.” – Alverina (@aloebella), Beauty Contributor

“It would have to be hand cream! My hands get super dry on planes and I need something heavy duty. I’m currently obsessed with Lano Lips Hands All Over Golden Dry Skin Salve, because it doubles as lip balm!” – Shloka (@thesilksneaker), Fashion & Lifestyle Contributor

“Avocados, because I cannot handle plane food and it is easy to take on board, Avene’s Thermal Spring Water Spray to refresh and rehydrate, my neck pillow if I’m flying economy, a sketchbook when I can’t get internet access because I love drawing up big plans for fun, my La Mer Crème de la Mer and finally, six bottles of water. And raw nuts!” – Bella (@catslavery), Lifestyle Contributor

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