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What A Jet Setter With Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin Carries In Her Cabin Bag

Dry cabin air does nobody any favours and it's worse when your skin is in revolt. Luckily, our contributor Shloka (@thesilksneaker) has it all figured out.

Introducing the latest contributor to join YOYOKULALA.com – the London-based Shloka Narang (@thesilksneaker)! A couple of hours on-board a flight can do a lot more damage than you think. Shloka has gone through the trouble of trial-and-error for us, and has curated a list of skincare products to survive the dry air. Don’t forget to check out more of her at The Silk Sneaker!

The topic of travel beauty and the best in-flight products is not a new one, but if you have incredibly sensitive and acne prone skin like me, trying out new products while in the air can be incredibly nerve-racking. After countless of hours spent on-board in fear of breakouts and many trials of lotions, face masks and more, I’ve curated a set of products that always come with me when I travel. Whether you’re flying long haul or short, these seven products are a no-fail for sensitive skin. I’ve even included some tips to make sure that your flight is as smooth for your skin as it is for you!

Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol

Aesop’s products are kind to the skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin like me. As someone who breaks out at the drop of the hat, I was surprised to find how much I loved Aesop. When flying, high altitudes can cause a lot of dryness in the skin, leaving you looking and feeling dull and dehydrated. A few pumps of this and your skin gets the much-needed moisture it needs and deserves, leaving you looking fresh for landing. (Quick Tip: In addition to a hydrator like this, make sure you are drinking more than your usual intake of water. I try to have at least two to three litres of water when I’m on a long haul flight!)

Malin + Goetz 10% Sulfur Paste

Have I mentioned that I’m acne prone? Anyone with sensitive skin knows how difficult it is to deal with acne. My latest discovery is effective, compact and requires minimal application for maximum results. The Malin + Goetz Sulfur Paste is a spot application that zaps your zits away overnight. I find this product specifically helpful when I am traveling, whether in-flight or in a new country. If I’m flying a night flight, I like to apply this before I sleep so I can get rid of my spots by the time I land. It also saves me the embarrassment of an entire face mask! I also carry it with me because sensitive skin can have varying reactions new climates.

DHC Blotting Paper

If you have combination skin, you know that parts of your face can get incredibly dry while the other parts have more moisture than a rainforest. I sympathise, which is why I swear by these DHC Blotting papers to help rid my T-Zone of any unwanted oil and moisture. Easy to carry and the perfect size for your purse, too, this has quickly become not only a travel essential, but a life essential.

NARS Matte Multiple

There’s nothing better for travel than a product that can double up as more than one thing. A lot of times, I like to add a bit of colour to my face after a long flight, if anything, to make myself feel better. The NARS Matte Multiple can be used for your cheeks or lips and adds just the right amount of colour to keep you looking and feeling gorgeous. It’s also the perfect product to keep for all your on-the-go adventures once you get there! (Pro tip: make your eyes pop by applying a bit of it to your eyelids too!)

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub

It’s not only my skin that feels dry on flights, it’s my lips too. Peeling lips are not only unflattering, but also really painful. I try to apply lip balm every few hours (or even every hour) to keep my lips moisturised. My favourite one is the Dior Lip Sugar Scrub. It enhances the colour of your lips while scrubbing away dry skin. I love it so much that I’m already on my second tube!

Perricone MD Instant Blur

I do not recommend flying with a full face of makeup but I know a lot of girls who like to have some sort of coverage when they land at their destination. Always selfie-ready, right? My latest find will make sure you look flawless while giving your skin the space it needs to breathe. Perricone MD’s latest makeup marvel, the Instant Blur, removes any lines or creases on your face, giving you a flawless and natural feel. This transparent gel comes in a compact, making it easy to travel with. It’s like the Facetune blur function – but in real life!

Slip Silk Eye Mask

It’s not just about the lotions and potions to keep your skin happy on the flight. I never travel without my silk eye mask. Silk is known to have multiple benefits for your skin and hair, and anything you put on your face while you sleep should be good for it. Not only does it benefit you physically because it helps you rest better, but it looks super chic and stylish,too. I have the pink one from Slip, but it comes in a range of colours, so pick your poison. (Pro tip: make sure to tie your hair up as well while you sleep to keep the oils from your hair and your hair off your face!)

No longer do you need to be overcome with anxiety about the state of your skin during a flight. These seven products are foolproof for making sure your glow is never gone! What are your favourite travel products?

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