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These Are Instagram’s Favourite Beauty Products of The Moment

Serums, fragrances, oils and even lip balms – we'll bet that one in every five fancy #shelfie features at least one of these widely sought-after beauty labels.

Here is what I think – Instagram and Instagram Stories are the new infomercials. With the rise of social media, the beauty influence field has levelled out to include real people talking about products that really work. (We here at YOYOKULALA.com strive to do the same, that we can pinky promise you.) Polished commercials of yore no longer have the same influence as say, a widely-followed so-and-so going into her beauty regimen from her bathroom on her Instagram Stories.

With that, it is only natural that many of the products that we discover for ourselves come from social media. Instagram brought the rise of selfies, but it also brought the rise of flatlays and shelfies, where products instead of the person become the focus on an image and beauty products are often either the centre of attention or part of the supporting cast.

Something we’ve noticed, more often than not and especially with the comeback of minimalism is that the beauty labels featured often come in pared-back packaging. Is it because these products are versatile in terms of styling like a classic white shirt? Is it because indie beauty labels – many which base their products on natural ingredients – make for a more “‘real” shelfie? Is it because these products are just darn good and just so happen to have minimal yet charming exteriors? We think it is all three. After perusing what must be hundreds of beauty flatlays and shelfies – some of our favourites are featured above, just in case you need a bit of beauty inspiration – we arrived at the following six brands that are blowing up on Instagram.



What: The juggernaut. The one that probably started it all. Founded by Emily Weiss – the same woman who heads the team behind Into The Gloss – Glossier is the de facto in shelfies. Of course, Glossier’s reputation goes beyond its clean, no-nonsense packaging and witty product names. Fans fawn over the serums, highlighters and the fragrance Glossier You, but our ultimate favourite is still the Balm Dotcom.

Where To Get: Through their website and Net-a-Porter.


#2: OUAI

  What: If a Kardashian loves it, you know it is going to fly off the shelves. Wrap it up in minimal packing and you’ve got yourself a phenom. Founded by Jen Atkins – also the maestro behind Kim Kardashian’s hair – Ouai (pronounced “way”) – is only a few years old, but its popularity is undeniable. Given the millennial crowd that it courts, it is no surprise that its best-sellers – also the most Instagrammed – are those that offer fast fixes: the Leave-In Conditioner, Hair Oil and Rose Hair & Body Oil. (Personally, I cannot get enough of the last one. I literally cannot.)

Where To Get: Sephora and Net-a-Porter.



Ah, we just talked about this one, didn’t we? You know those pink quartz face roller things you’re seeing all over Instagram? It’s probably Herbivore. Known for its unconventionally coloured products – apparently all natural – and taking inspiration from botanicals and minerals, Herbivore is quickly making its way into the carefully curated shelfies of Instagram. We talked about the Rose Hibiscus Face MistMoonfruit Night Treatment and Blue Tansy Mask previously – I just used the latter yesterday for the second time and good heavens, my skin is clearer than it has been in days – but Instagram also seems to love the Lapis Face Oil, Orchid Face Oil and Calm Soaking Salts.

Where To Get: Through their website and Sephora.



We’re guilty of this one ourselves, but can you blame us, really? The only luxury beauty label to make this list, Chanel continues to be a favourite among the Instagram crowd because its products – almost always simple and clean with the iconic double “C” on caps and covers – are just darn photogenic. Eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, foundation cushions and heck, even their hand creams and eye treatments – everything! Our current favourites are the La Creme Main, Le Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation, Le Lift Flash Eye Revitaliser, Le Blanc Huile Healthy Light Creator Oil and Poudre A Levres Lip Balm & Powder Duo. And yes, they’re ALL camera-ready.

Where To Get: Chanel Fragrance & Beauty stores



Sure, fragrances get a share, too! With its apothecary-like packaging – clear bottles with “typewritten” labels for the fragrances, brown bottles with black caps for everything else – Le Labo’s pared-down products run with the big names on the beauty shelves, though other indie fragrances like those from Byredo deserve special mention. As far as popularity goes, the Santal 33 reigns supreme.

Where To Get: Net-a-Porter and Escentials



Though not as minimal as the rest in terms of packaging, Caudalie‘s “minimalism” lies in its botanical-based products, like its ragingly popular Beauty Elixir, an essence, serum and face mist in one, Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil and Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Just no-nonsense products, made from natural plant and essential oils.

Where To Get: Sephora and Net-a-Porter



There seems to be a certain appeal with products that intentionally have that retro drugstore-meets-laboratory look. Le Labo, even a bit of Glossier and now, The Ordinary. With product names that tell you what the key ingredients are straight-up – even going into the percentages – The Ordinary earns skincare aficionados everywhere not just because of its packaging, but also because of its ingredient-centric approach and very reasonable prices. We’re talking US$6 a bottle.

Where To Get: Beautylish and ASOS


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