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Yoyo vs. Candice: Who’s Got The Better K-Beauty Haul?

We went head to head to see who could shop the best K-beauty haul from Seoul with just $150 in our pockets. Tell us – who reigned supreme?

Seoul is many things to many people, but for crazed beauty hoarders such as ourselves, the city is beauty heaven. Not only are there K-beauty stores at just about every corner, each a beacon of possibilities to our wandering, bottomless shopping baskets, the products are just cheaper there. It’s made there. Oh, the thrill of throwing stacks and stacks of one-dollar yet effective sheet masks into our baskets and barely making a dent in our wallets. Good products at good prices – is there any wonder why the K-beauty scene is growing so rapidly everywhere?

The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to burn your paycheque to get great K-beauty products in Seoul. You can get a decent haul even with, say, just S$150. To prove it, Yoyo and I challenged each other to a K-beauty face-off on our recent trip to Seoul. We gave each other S$150 (approximately 120,000 KRW) to gather our ammo. Our battleground was shopping district Garosu-gil and the duty-free shops at Incheon International Airport. The goal? To get a haul that was not just about quantity, but also quality.

Yoyo’s shopping list was all about sheet masks, tints and splash masks. With the S$150 budget, she got Innisfree’s Special Care Mask for Hands, Anti-Aging Mask with Brightening Polyphenol and It’s Real Squeeze Mask with Black Berry, each in sets of ten. She also got Etude House’s Dear Darling Tint in two shades, Vivid Tint and Tint My Brows Gel. A lot of tints. Finally, a bottle of Hera’s Age Away Vitalising Water Anti-Wrinkle Resilience Radiance, which was the priciest of the lot but still reasonable at S$50.

As for me, I needed a beauty cushion desperately. My sheet mask supply was also in need of a good restocking. From Innisfree, I got the It’s Real Squeeze Mask with Rose and Manuka Honey, each in packs of ten. (This stuff is earnestly good, we swear by it.) From Laneige, the Mini Pore Waterclay Mask. I also got the Dear Darling Tint and Tint My Brows Gel from Etude House, along with the Laugh Lines Care Patch and Moistfull Collagen Facial Mask Sheet, again at a pack of ten each. My most expensive buy was Hera’s UV Mist Cushion Long Stay Matt at S$47.

Both hauls look evenly matched, yes? Here’s the catch: I got a ten-pack 3-Step Clear Nose Kit and a ten-pack Moistfull Collagen Facial Mask Sheet completely free. (Another upside about shopping in Seoul, THE FREEBIES.) My cushion also comes with a refill. On the other hand, Yoyo didn’t get any freebies, but her Hera Age Away Revitalising Water is apparently a wonder in a bottle. She also kept within budget. I overshot by a little under 1,200 KRW. So, who walked away with the victor’s crown? We’ll let you decide.

(Disclaimer: We obviously spent more than S$150 each in reality. We’re unapologetic skincare hoarders. For the sake of filling up space while shooting pictures for this story, we threw in stuff we bought outside of the S$150 as well. If you want the details of the products that were not mentioned, just drop us a comment. Don’t you be shy now!)

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