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An Honest Review of Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour & Glimmer Palettes

The previous Shade + Light palettes gave us #life – especially on not-so-great mornings – but how do they fare when textures change?

Kat Von D has always been a favourite amongst makeup junkies everywhere. Not only are their products cruelty-free, they make genuinely great stuff. Recently, Kat Von D launched two new palettes: the Shade + Light Crème Contour Palette and the Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Palette.

If these look extremely familiar, you’re not wrong. The only thing you’ll notice from the new ones is the difference in texture. The colours pretty much remain the same and so have the prices. Let’s just say that our prior experience with cream-based contour palettes have not been too good, so we were leaning on the skeptical side of things with these. But, we never say no to extra shine on le face – and Kat Von D did not let us down.

With the lessons I learned from contouring my face – from trial and error, mostly – I applied my barely-there skills and brushed the cream contours on like an amateur. The first thing I noticed, is that I needed to blend it in with a sponge.

A Beauty Blender would do wonders here and will remove the extra product sitting on your skin as well. It’s also wise to remember not to apply any powder before the contour as it will cake up and emphasise your skin texture. Not a pretty sight, tried and tested. To my surprise, the formula dried matte. It didn’t feel like I had an additional layer of product on my face, which speaks volumes about its lightness. Don’t forget to set it with powder after because in Singapore’s heat, it didn’t hold up without it. Overall, this palette was velvety, creamy and didn’t contribute to the dryness of my already parched skin.

If you’re looking for a neutral everyday palette, consider adding the Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Palette to your cart. It has three sections that are split up into neutral, cool and warm tones. The bigger pans were satin finishes that were great as a base, while the smaller pans were intense, glittery shades. It’s good to note that primers and eyeshadow top coats will make all the difference in locking in the glitter.

The Kat Von D Glimmer Palette swatched on my arm in order of the palette.

The Kat Von D Glimmer Palette swatched on my arm. From left to right: warm, cool and neutral tones.

The only downside to this palette lies with the black glitter. It’s not the darkest black, so it does comes off as a grey-ish glitter. All in all, this would make a great companion palette as the shimmer shades can really finish off looks and Kat Von D’s is not different.

To wrap things up, these two palettes are simply different versions of the original Shade + Light palettes. It’s kind of like Kat Von D’s way of saying, “Hey, we thought about your skin type and preferences. Here’s your favourite palettes, but catered to your needs.” We recommend these if you need to take that step forward from matte and powder finishes, but know that these aren’t palettes for beginners, both in the contouring and eyeshadow department.

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