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The Caviar Cream That Feels Even More Luxurious Than It Already Sounds

Yes we're talking about actual caviar pearls that do so much more than just lifting and firming. It'll whet your skin's appetite like no other. In collaboration with La Prairie.

When the words caviar and cream come into mind, one might think of little pearls atop a smidgen of cream cheese and a cracker. But in the skincare world, caviars are used for benefits you wouldn’t even think of. Hydration, firming and lifting like no other are just a few to name. Like how it would dance and sing on your tongue, it will dance and sing on your skin.

Caviar extracts are not new to the scene. Around 30 years back, La Prairie introduced the world to their first caviar skin cream that did wonders like no other could. From then on, they have constantly produced different variations, but never one like their newest: the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream.

Over a period of more than four years, the Swiss brand has gone through countless experiments to come up with Caviar Premier, where the seemingly impossible has been achieved. Compared to their previous formulas, this new tech will contain all the good collagen-stimulating properties, but brought to an even higher level of intensity. It’s chockfull of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which helps to nourish and even out skin texture.

Before you go off smearing caviar on your skin in an attempt to recreate the same effect, the caviar that La Prairie uses is no ordinary off-the-shelf kind, not that caviar anything should be called off-the-shelf.

You see each individual pearl is carefully selected, and comes from the Baerii sturgeon from environmentally-conscious farms.

At this point, it sounds like the cream would overflow your pores with too much nutrients. Though it is rich, as it should be, and extremely hydrating, the cream feels wonderfully and miraculously lightweight and glides over the skin like silk. Caviar and silk, talk to me some more.

If you’re able to get your hands on it, we don’t have a sliver of doubt that it will perform, giving supreme suppleness and tautness overnight. A little truly goes a long way with this cream, and the intensely hydrating properties make it most suitable for mature or very dry skin.

The blue tub of goodness is accompanied with a silver spatula with little dots on it, making application just that much more luxurious and soothing, kind of like a little massager for the skin. Of course, there’s the practical aspect of keeping all that luxe clean and proper in the jar.

La Prairie’s caviar line has long been revered for living up to its premium status and with the new formula, things can only go up, up, up for your skin from here.

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