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We Tried That Rose Petal Blush That You’re Seeing EVERYWHERE

It doesn't just smell like rose petals, it actually looks the part, too. By far the most expensive blush we've seen ever, is this one by Laduree just fluff or something more?

When presented with a beautifully packaged beauty product, the mind whirs and splits into two factions. One side concludes that it is probably all gimmick with no substance, the other side concludes that it is far too pretty to be used and should thus be kept that way, turning the product into a white elephant of sorts.

Laduree’s Face Colour Rose from the Les Merveilleuses collection places somewhere in-between the two sides. And yes, if you haven’t heard, Laduree – a.k.a. the macaron maker and the very reason why I exceed my daily sugar limit every time I’m in Paris – is in the beauty business now.

At S$150 for both the gold and ivory pot and the blush, which takes the form of delicate rose petals that look so much like the real deal, Laduree’s star blush is rightfully opulent and by far the most expensive I’ve ever come across. The petals that make the blush alone cost S$105.

But this is a beauty product after all, and while I like pretty things as much as the next makeup-obsessed lass, I also like products that work. This. Laduree’s onto something with this one.

The suggestion is to swirl your brush over the petals of various shapes and sizes. I find that tapping into the nook of a single petal works faster in picking up the powder.

On the brush, the Face Colour Rose doesn’t look like much, but on the cheek? A completely different story. The application is so ridiculously easy – the soft brush I used, also from the Les Merveilleuses collection, may have helped – and the texture of the blush is so, so fine. So light. With a few gentle strokes, I got a rosy glow in my cheeks that looked so natural and seamless. Like I had been out for a brisk stroll in the park. I’m hardly the expert at blending, but this blush made me think that I was one for a brief moment.

I have to mention the scent of the blush because I cannot get enough of it. Infused with Damask rose and Centifolia rose extracts and a touch of rose honey, just those few light strokes of the blush will leave your face smelling, well, like roses. My face smelled absolutely amazing. Delicious. I apologise if that sounded weird, but it did. There is also cacao butter in there, which may explain why the blush seems to melt into the cheeks.

Now, if you are someone who likes your blush intense, this is not for you. If you are someone who likes blushes that double as highlighters with all that holo shimmer within, this is not quite for you either. But if you’re down for a blush that gives a seriously seamless, natural-looking flush with hardly any effort on your part, doubles as beautiful room decor and a fragrance, and will probably last you for quite some time? I say go down for the count.

I’m down. I mean, will you just look at it!

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