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Test Drive: Does Lipstick Queen’s “Frog Prince” Really Work?

The green formula is said to give you lovely pink lips and cheeks that best match your skin tone and pH. (No, it does not turn into a prince when you kiss it.)

About a year ago, Lipstick Queen released what I regard as one of the most interesting lipsticks to strut the face of this earth – the Frog Prince. Deep green in appearance, the lipstick quickly changes to a shade of pink according to the wearer’s pH and skin tone. Think of it like a mood ring of sorts, but for your lips.

I was desperate to try it, but seeing as I wasn’t and still am not that huge of a beauty junkie – ignoring the fact that I went ballistic while beauty shopping in Seoul last week! – Frog Prince fell to the back of mind. When Escentials recently announced that the new Frog Prince Cream Blush and Lip Gloss had arrived on our shores, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating.

First, the Frog Prince Lip Gloss. It is as green and glittery as you’d imagine it to be, and it goes on easily and nicely, leaving just a slight tinge of micro green glitter on your lips. (For reference, I’d say my skin tone is medium-fair with a hint of olive.) By the second coat, my lips had turned into a bright part-punch, part-fuchsia pink. Interesting. I’m not a big fan of lip glosses, but the formula felt light and non-sticky on the lips. True to its word, it also left a slight plumping effect, something I was really happy about.

To double check that the colour did indeed change on my lips, I tested the gloss on my arm. Yeap, it stayed green. Did I like the shade of pink bequeathed upon me by Frog Prince? So-so, though it had more to do with the fact that I’m not big on bright pink lips. I’m more of a dark lip gal. Apparently, some wearers got a berry pink out of it. That, I would have liked more. Damn you, skin pH and your inability to give me a dark lip.

What’s surprising about the Frog Prince Lip Gloss is that it actually stays on like a tint. A clear bright pink remained on my lips after I blotted the shine away. If you want a lip colour that sticks around after a meal and a few glasses of rosé, this is your thing.

Next, I tested the cream blush. Now, this one changes from green to pink almost immediately, even before it touches the skin. What kind of Merlin-bearded sorcery is this?! I used a brush and my fingers and the results were the same. The blush is very pigmented, so I’d recommend using just a little bit for your whole cheek. Like the lip gloss, the cream blush works like a tint and left a sheer, bright pink on my cheeks. I prefer peach-pink blushes, but I can see myself wearing this on off days when I want a little flush in my usually ghostly-pale cheeks. I tested the blush on tanner friends and it turned into a lovely nude-pink, which I really liked.


Photo: Frog Prince Lip Gloss and Cream Blush/Lipstick Queen

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