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We Took A #BeautyShelfie While In The Maldives!

Did we do it right? In our inaugural beauty shelfie, we show you how we stayed fresh to death whilst hustling under the Maldivian sun.

Before we begin, we feel that it is necessary to clarify that we know what a beauty shelfie is. We know it involves a shelf of some sort, else it shouldn’t technically be called a shelfie at all. But, given the open sea backyard we were blessed with during our recent stay in Maldives, how could we not take our beauty shelfie outside? Would you just look at the crystal blue-green sea? It was begging to be used as a backdrop. Hence, the wooden stool as a makeshift shelf. We even added some casual flicks of water for dramatic effect.

With that out of the way, let’s move to the juicy stuff. One of the biggest favours you can do for your skin is to listen and observe what it needs. You may already have your everyday beauty routine all worked out, but when the surroundings change, the products you use have to change, too, whether you’re hustling from runway show to runway show in Paris or, in our case over the last couple of days in Maldives, melting under a tropical sun.

If you’re at a beach resort, you’re going to be under the sun a bunch. Protecting your skin is your utmost beauty priority and the most basic way to do it is good old sunscreen. We love the Activated Sun Protector from Kiehl’s because it is super light and turns transparent almost immediately, so it won’t leave those slightly embarrassing white marks all over your face and treasured bathing suit. You’ll need to hydrate your lips as well. We love the Dior Addict Lip Glow, but for something that’s a little more of a multi-tasker or a lip balm you can just absentmindedly throw around in the sand, try Glossier’s Balm Dotcom.

Now, this extra tip is only if you absolutely don’t want to get a tan and will do anything to prevent it from happening: oral sunblock. So you’re on that beach only for the cool water, sand and wildlife, no judgies. For this, we used Heliocare Ultra. Perhaps it is a placebo thing, perhaps it really works. From what we can see on ourselves though, it seems like it worked some.

We’ve already established that it is absolutely okay to be vain while you’re tanning or wading in the sea. You want to wear a swimsuit that doesn’t look like one? Sure! Want to pair them with earrings? Do it! Want to wear makeup? Hells yeah, because that’s what we did. Needless to say, if you’re going to be in the water, your makeup needs to be extremely waterproof. We find that Lancome’s Teint Miracle Radiant Foundation and Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner work marvellously in water. No joke. Add some of Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter underneath to keep things in place and help your skin glow even further under the sun and you’re set. (We couldn’t add these to the “shelfie” because makeup + sun = definite disaster.)

Finally, the aftercare. Vitamin D from sunlight is great, but you’ll still want to calm your skin down from the heat and glare. Cucumber and rose masks are what you should be looking for. Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask gets our vote this time for its hydrating and anti-ageing properties. That is, any line that tries to set in from all that sun exposure doesn’t stand a damn chance. We’re also sold on Innisfree’s It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Cucumber. This recent discovery is owed to the very sweet Irene Kim who brought three whole boxes to Maldives.

Ever noticed how your hair still feels a little grimy and squeaky after a dip in the sea even though you’ve washed it down in the shower? Yeah, we hate that feeling as much as the next girl. To deal with that, we used the Kiehl’s Sunflower Colour Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner – and we don’t even have coloured hair. It just has so many oils and vitamins that protect and hydrate your tresses. Use them in the shower, blow your hair out and we guarantee softer and smoother hair.

We’ve shown you ours, now it is time to tell us yours. What are your absolute beauty essentials on a beach vacation? Tell us in the comments below.

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