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The Skincare Saviour that Puts an End to Maskne Woes

Aptly coined the Mask Avenger, homegrown beauty group Spa Esprit’s 90-minute facial specifically designed to tackle maskne is an end all to pesky breakouts.

The afflictions of Miss Rona run deep – my self-esteem nonsparing. Since Miss Rona embarked on her global rampage, face masks have been adopted as a mandatory line of defence in this part of the world. This has meant hours of bacteria marinating on the skin underneath face masks, eventually, leading to stubborn, recurring breakouts. There has even been an entirely new term coined for it – maskne.

While some get away with a few angry bump that occasionally rear their ugly head, the less fortunate amongst us (like myself) are left with an entire battlefield of scars. I’ve even had a very observant male acquaintance trace the scars around my mouth and point them out to me and everyone else seated at the dinner table. Ouch.

Having gone through acne in my early twenties, maskne took me back to a traumatic, ptsd-inducing past riddled with skin troubles. Except this time, I was more equipped to deal with the acne flare-ups or rather when to raise the white flag and seek help.

There is no lack of maskne prevention articles making their rounds on the internet. I even penned one myself and did to its bidding. No thick layer of makeup underneath! Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Double cleanse! Switch to breathable masks! But when nothing worked, I turned to the professionals.

As proven in the past, the skincare pros know what they’re doing. Me, on the other hand, not so much. The Mask Avenger anti-maskne facial by homegrown beauty group Spa Esprit, as its name suggests, is salvation for the maskne sufferers amongst us.

Unlike topical skincare remedies that mostly only work on the surface, the 90-minute treatment is designed to, quite literally, get to the bottom of the problem. Employing state of the art Smartline technology alongside traditional techniques, the 12-step facial gets rid of all the gunk on the skin just as it does unclog all the stuff stuck in the pores.

The facial kicked off with a double cleanse, a toner and subsequently, a peel – the usual stuff to prep the skin before the rigorous multi-step exfoliation began.

First in the lineup – the Smartline device with a Skin Scrubber applicator. With more than 40,000 vibrations per second, it jigs the dead cells, sebum, and the other suspects which clog the pores off the skin. To ensure every last bit is cleared, a manual extraction followed.

Then, onto the deep nourishing part. It kicked off with an Electroporation mask. Just as futuristic as it sounds, the mask sends ultrasonic and micro currents through the skin to increase its absorbency. Although the sweet therapist forewarned me of tinkling sensations that I might possibly feel, I barely noticed any in my deep state of relaxation.

Already drifting off into lala land, the post-mask acupressure point and lymph drainage massage fully put me to sleep. The entire process then completed with a 20-minute treatment mask which also happened to be a perfectly timed cat nap.

The results of the facial were immediate. I woke up to radiant, clearer, and a complexion more even than I remembered it to be. Was this a dream? It sure felt like one. The effects were long-lasting too. Since the Mask Avenger treatment, my maskne has not had another flare up. I now count myself amongst the lucky ones who get away with an occasional bump or two.

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