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The Best Milan Runway Beauty Looks & How To Get Them

Upside-down smokey eyes, frosty eyeliners and not-a-your-average-kindergartner braids, your seasonal dose of unconventional beauty looks is here.

 Milan Fashion Week has come to an end, leaving us with a myriad of amazing beauty looks ranging from natural and radiant skin to hot pink eyeliners with rhinestones. Although there’s lot of love for the no-makeup makeup look, deep down, bright eyeshadows and eyeliners still hold a special place in our hearts. A vanity case with no colour is a boring vanity case, indeed.

A series of shows had looks that were show-stoppers themselves – though none quite like Gucci’s third eye – that may land you a lot of side-eye looks, first of curious, than of envy. We’re talking hot-pink cat eyeliner dotted with rhinestones from Prada, the most breathtaking headpieces from Dolce & Gahanna, brought out even further with cherry lips, and the best upside-down eye looks from Antonio Marras. Then, there were the more practical kinds that are more suitable for everyday wear, like a brightening eye look – never underestimate what pearlescent at the corner of the eyes can do – and the best type of braids that say “chic” and not “kindergarten”. Scroll through the gallery above for our favourite looks from the week, then see the five below that you can recreate, whether for a red-letter day or just because.

Roberto Cavalli

The best way to cover dark eye rings is to literally cover them – with an eyeshadow crayon – or powder. If you can’t beat them, join ’em, eh? Line the undereye and extend to the outer corners, making sure to blend out any harsh edges. For a bolder look, opt for more daring hues like brick red, yellow, electric blue or emerald green. 

Salvatore Ferragamo

Candy coloured lids that complement the outfit? Heck yes. Bright orange or lime green are not looks that can be worn everyday, but will be an eye-catching (HAH, eyes, geddit?) accessory that will elevate the look in an instant. Plus, it’s one more reason to skip the tedious cat-eye flick. 


Looking for a way to liven up the face of someone who barely slept the night before? Concealer, mascara and – the ultimate secret weapon – frosty pearlescent white eyeshadow will brighten up those tired eyes. It’s super easy to dab a smidge on the inner corner and to line the undereye, which will immediately give the illusion of brighter and bigger eyes. 

Jil Sander

There’s always something about a hairdo that makes one look like they’ve got their life completely figured out. Although braided pigtails might be a tad too schoolgirl-like, two braids in a bun is a completely different look. You will need really long hair and plenty of hair spray for this, just so you know!

Dolce & Gabanna

At the show, red lips were abound in different hues for different skin tones. With the right shade, a red lip and black eyeliner will give the most mysterious vibes without looking too vamp-ish. A good red lipstick like Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint won’t bleed, is longwearing and has a good applicator for precision.

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