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Move Over K-Beauty, J-Beauty’s The Next Thing To Jump On

Everyone and their mom goes on about K-beauty ceaselessly, and while we still love it, don't turn your back on J-beauty. Here, the brands to get on, stat.

When it comes to new makeup and skincare, no one starts a trend like Korea does. It’s not just their style of beauty, though, but rather the ideas and technology that go into it. Think about how they pioneered the start of the revolutionary BB cushions and the invention of gel masks.

Although K-beauty has infiltrated almost everyone’s skincare routine, we’re missing out on their equally formidable neighbour – Japan. SK-II, Shu Uemura or Shiseido might be brands you’ve already heard before. But, there are so many more out there that deserve your attention.

Think about it, Japan does everything well, so why not beauty? Unlike K-beauty, J-beauty focuses on simplicity and minimalism. Most of the Koreans might also insist on a 10-step routine, but the Japanese are all about products that offer multiple benefits in a single formula – and it’s something we’re very thankful for when we just cannot be bothered. Beauty is pain, but we all have our lazy days,

You might feel uncomfortable ditching your sheet masks or serums and ampoules, but we’re not saying leave all of those behind. Use them for special days where your skin needs the extra boost. Below, we’ve included several J-beauty brands you should get to know better.


#1: DHC

This extremely popular Japanese drugstore brand has a cult-favourite product. The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is so loved, that one bottle is sold every 10 seconds worldwide. That’s crazy, but it also removes and dissolves all the grime marvellously, so we can really see why. An ingredient that’s commonly found throughout their range of skincare products is the olive extract, which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re a first-timer for DHC, we recommend going for their cleansing formulas.


#2: Albion

Albion has been around for a long time, comparable to Japanese beauty giants such as SK-II and Shiseido. Despite their lack of presence internationally, it’s a long-standing cult favourite for Japanese women, committing to deliver quality anti-ageing, high-quality products. Fun fact: Yoyo has been using their Skin Conditioner emulsion for the longest time, a 40-year-old formula that balances the skin’s natural oils and moisture.


#3: Shiseido

Throw any animosity for Shiseido aside, because this here, is the new Shiseido. Their complete overhaul puts out an entirely new range of skincare and makeup, focusing on targeting the youth with their lightweight formulas and highly pigmented powders. We’ve dedicated a whole post to it, but we’re just saying – if you need a new blusher, their Minimalist Whipped Cream Blusher will get addictive.


#4: Cosme Decorte

It may be pricey, but Decorté delivers. It’s the type of brand you’d see your mum pick up at the departmental store all the time, and rave about it to her friends. It’s been around since 1970, but has undergone a revamp a few years back, reformulating and repackaging their whole line. If you’re a busy person and constantly under stress, Decorte uses mucuna bean extract to combat this, working to stimulate skin cells for regrowth and rejuvenation.


#5: Yu-Be

Available at most drugstores, Yu-be is another success story waiting to be broadcasted out to the world. It may not look the best exterior-wise, but their moisturisers will always melt any dry or flakey skin the next morning when you wake up. Their products are so simple, easy and made for everyone. It’s really minimalism at its finest, especially with their multi-use balms.


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