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Have We Found The Lightest Liquid Foundation, Possibly Ever?

Cushion foundations feel great, but don't necessarily last. Liquid foundations last, but aren't always the most comfortable. This one? Right smack in between the two.

Up until last August and at least two years before that, I swore by two liquid foundations: the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and the Diorskin Forever Foundation. I’d even blend them together just to get the consistency and colour that I liked. But then, I embraced the cushion foundation life. Lancome came first, then Hera and Chanel.

It wasn’t that I ditched bottled liquid foundations for good – I still used them when I needed proper, full coverage that lasted the whole day – but cushions are just so much easier. So much lighter on the skin. When you have liquid foundation on, you feel it. Cushion foundations are just that much more comfortable.

Until now, I think. You see, the new Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation from NARS is making me rethink the whole “cushion foundations are lighter than regular liquid foundations” thing. For one, it is stupendously light, like what you get from cushions, and goes on much easier than its predecessor – the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – despite being creamier and thicker in consistency. The coverage is something amazing as well. Armed with a damp Beauty Blender, I literally needed only one pump for my whole, giant, frying pan of a face. I kid you not. Translation: you won’t need a refill anytime soon.

Another thing worth noticing is the natural finish. It is somewhere between matte and dewy. (Its predecessor was a lot more of the former.) I want to say satin? It looked that way hours in. I deliberately touched my cheek after four hours to see if any residue would come of on my finger. Nada – the foundation stayed put. It may have been partially psychological, but my skin actually felt soft and smooth, which after researching, I attribute to the raspberry, watermelon and apple extracts.

Lightness and ease? Check. Coverage and look? Check. It all boils down to staying power, something that many cushion foundations lack. If you have normal to combination to slightly oily skin, this will stay. Not a doubt. I have combination skin with a nose that tends to get soaked in oil when it gets too humid. While this did not hold back the shine on my nose, the foundation on it didn’t “bubble” or look like it was ready to slide off at any moment – I blotted and all was under control.

As for the rest of my face? The foundation stayed on and felt like no other liquid foundation I’ve ever tried. I’m still pro-cushion, but if I have a little more time to spare and I need my foundation to stick, I’m going for this. Consider my converted back to the liquid foundation life.

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