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We Tried The Shiniest, Most Sparkly Loose Powder There Ever Was

What happens when you put one of the most famous blush colours in the world through the beauty world's equivalent of a mill? Leave it to us to find out.

They say if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Save for the occasional improvement in formulas, the same principle applies to the many, many holy grail beauty products of the world that have endured throughout the years. When you think of one of the best blushes ever made, any beauty obsessee worth her salt will name Orgasm from NARS. That dusty rosy pink with a sheer metallic finish and the cheekiest name ever given to a blush. It has been there for as long as I’ve known the existence of NARS and will probably continue to be there until the end of time.

In fact, Orgasm is so popular that it has spawned its own collection of merch of sorts, ranging from a lipstick to a nail polish to a liquid highlighter to a lip balm and finally, a loose powder. Yes, Orgasm and all its rose-tinted, shimmery glory in fine powder form. You can finally have a full face of Orgasm. (Oh, get over the double entendre already.)

Truth be told, when we first heard of the Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder, we were stoked out of our minds. Was it going to be like actual loose powder, the sort one uses to set makeup and mattify shiny spots? For something that had its beginnings as a shimmery blush, that didn’t make sense. Thus, the experiment began.

First, the texture. After all, it is the texture that separates it from the rest of the Orgasm clan. The powder is extremely fine and takes to the skin very quickly and easily, as though melting into it. Simply put, it will stay put on your face. It is also very well pigmented with a rose gold tone, though the shimmery aspect becomes more of a sheen when buffed in. Like its predecessor, the colour is beautiful, easily buildable and hence works as both a highlighter and a sheer blush with a high sheen. (Perhaps more of the former.)

However, as it is a loose powder, it is harder to control and arrive at an even finish. It may leave a bit of a mess as you dust off the excess as well. White clothes not recommended. It also doesn’t enhance the skin texture, say the blurring of pores, like loose powders usually do.

And, because you’re probably wondering: no, it will not work for your whole face like a conventional finishing loose powder. It is sheer, but it is still tinted in that iconic metallic rosy pink. (We tried it just to be extra, extra sure. We might also have been a tiny bit tipsy.) We did try it on our lids and lips and the effects it had on both were gorgeous.

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