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The New NARS Liquid Lipstick Is Actually Crazy Good

Two words: zero gravity. Is this the end of my liquid lipstick woes?

Considering how popular NARS is everywhere and how big the brand has become in just a handful of years, it is surprising to realise that the beauty brand didn’t have any liquid lipsticks up until a month ago. Well, there is the lesser-known Velvet Lip Glide, which is in many ways a terrific lip product, but still not quite the matte liquid lipstick that comes to mind when you think “liquid lipstick”. This one is more of a pigmented gloss.

Maybe NARS took just an extra bit of time to perfect the formula. After all, liquid lipsticks have to be long-lasting, matte, hydrating, comfortable, easy to apply and pigmented at the very least. God, are we difficult to please. Now that the Powermatte Lip Pigment is finally here, I feel that all my lip colour woes have been cast aside. No, really. Allow me to explain.

For starters, the Lip Pigment is so easy to apply. Just one layer is all it takes to give your lips even, intense, opaque colour. It also stays on reasonably well. The colour came off slightly at the centre of my lips when I was snacking on an apple, but nothing that a quick touch-up can’t fix, mirror or no mirror. Regular human meals with forks and spoons? Not a problem.

The real star of the Lip Pigment that I just cannot wrap my head around is its ridiculous texture. NARS uses the term “zero gravity” and I honestly cannot think of a more perfect way to describe it. It feels like nothing. Yet the colour is so intense! How in the world? The only other liquid lipstick that feels the same way on the lips is Lancome’s Matte Shaker. The NARS Lip Pigment doesn’t leave a lasting tint behind like the Lancome Matte Shaker does, but it does win the latter when it comes down to variety. The colours are all millennial favourites, from nude-browns to bright reds and wine.

Because I like to look I just drank from a cup of poison, my favourites are Done It Again and Paint It Black. My fellow, saner office mates prefer Light My Fire and Slow Ride. The Powermatte Lip Pigment is crazy good, I’m not even mad that NARS took this long to release it anymore. Other liquid lipsticks, be very afraid.

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